Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanks for the DVD Memories!

Thanks for the DVD Memories! Thanksgiving is upon us and whether you're going "over the river and through the woods" or "headin' for Pennsylvania and some homemade pumpkin pie" or having guests at home nothing makes for a thankful heart quite like spending time with loved ones!

Many homes have a Thanksgiving tradition where everyone around the table shares what they are thankful for. We thought we'd go around the country and share a few "thanksgiving" stories of our happy Home Video Studio customers who had their old tapes transferred and/or edited for DVDs:
  • Lorenzo and Selena from California had their wedding video edited and transferred to DVD. Here's what they had to say: "We want to say THANK YOU! for the wonderful job and professionalism in which you treated our priceless memories. Our wedding video was shot by a family member as we had no money at the time that we got married to have it professionally made. The video needed a lot of editing and the personal touch that you provided. I thank God that we found you and for making our Wedding an everlasting memory, captured just like the way we wanted. Thank you, thank you..."
  • Amanda from Minnesota had all her old tape formats transferred to DVD: "I am so happy to have all of my VHS and 8mm tapes now on DVDs! I no longer have to worry about losing wonderful family memories as the tapes get older. Thanks!"
  • Jeanette from New Jersey had some Beta tapes transferred to DVD: "I had some very old, but important Betamax videos turned into DVD's. They are wonderful and they will be a great Christmas Present. Thanks!"
  • Eva from Ohio needed a tape repair and transfer: "I sent an old VHS tape that was twisted and stuck in the VCR to Home Video Studio for repair and then transferred to a DVD. I would highly recommend Home Video Studio to anyone. Thank you!"
What could be better than getting all your old video tapes transferred to Platinum Archival DVDs? It's the perfect gift and one of the most important things you can do for yourself, your kids and/or your grandchildren. Why not gather up all your old tape formats - VHS, VHSC, 8mm, and minis - and get here before the Holiday rush. We can answer any questions and help you get started. The key thing is get started now!
The best thing about transferring your videos to DVD is that, once the master DVD is made, copies are a cinch. They are quick to make, inexpensive and always available for that last minute gift. The more thought you put into this gift the better it will be. Call us today and let's get started putting your memories onto Platinum Archival DVDs for the ultimate Holiday Gift!

Your local Home Video Studio is part of the world's leading international video production services franchise. We have studios located in the United States, Canada and Sweden. Home Video Studio provides video production and post production services for consumers, businesses, schools, churches, and other organizations!

Video Editing

The affordability of consumer video camcorders has become so reasonable that almost every household and business has one. Hours and hours of video exists on a variety of formats.
Whether you have hard drive, mini-DVD, mini-DV, 8mm, VHS-C, VHS or Beta, Home Video Studio can edit your video into a professional value-added product. Our studios can even use special effects, include music and put in titles to add some extra touches to the video you bring in. Let us edit your video and turn it into a keepsake to remember!

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