Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Families May Be Losing Their Home Movies and Tapes

Holidays fill us with memories of the past, but how long has it been since you’ve taken that proverbial “stroll down memory lane” by watching your old home movies and tapes? Well, if you hurry, you can give a holiday gift to yourself and to your entire family that will last more than a lifetime – much more! Home Video Studio – Visalia, CA., an affiliate of the largest national network of home video studios, can help you preserve your precious home movies and videotapes that are probably gathering dust in your attic or garage. More important, your old 8 mm movie films and VHS videos are deteriorating every day! Even if you still have the old equipment to watch them, they may already be unplayable.

Arthur Zepeda, national winning Video Producer/Editor and Owner of Home Video Studio - Visalia, CA., advises everyone to “search through your home immediately! Find all of those old 8 mm home movie films and old VHS tapes and get them transferred to DVD as soon as possible.”

Mr. Zepeda knows what’s he’s talking about. He has been rescuing movies and tapes for Visalia, CA. residents in his home-based video studio for years. “Some of the films and tapes we see are already in very poor condition. And it would be a shame to lose those family histories when it’s so easy to move them all onto DVD.”

Mr. Zepeda’s system not only transfers the movies and videos to DVD, but also it allows you to add titles and even music thereby creating a memorable experience for generations to come.

“The DVDs,” Mr. Zepeda adds, “really are the gifts that keep on giving, generation after generation. Imagine your grandchildren or their grandchildren being able to watch and hear their grandparents or great-great grandparents long after they are gone! Or, just think about being able to relive your own childhood simply by popping in a disk that will preserve those memories into the next century!”

Whether for the holidays or any special occasion, Home Video Studio’s service solves the frequent problem of what gift to give to the “hard to buy for” relative. He explains, “We can transfer any kind of film or video to DVD, but we can also do other creative keepsakes, for example, putting slides and photos on DVD, editing your vacation videos, making sports highlight programs for your son or daughter, and even repairing broken video tapes.” Mr. Zepeda also mentions that they can also transfer audiotapes and cassettes to CD.

Mr. Zepeda hopes that folks will contact him soon, especially if they want to create a Christmas gift for this season. “It takes some time to transfer the movies and tapes to DVD,” he adds. “We don’t want anyone to be disappointed. But whether it’s for the Holidays or after the Holidays, you really do need to preserve and, in some cases, improve those precious memories!”

For more information on transferring and preserving your home movie film, contact Arthur Zepeda at his Home Video Studio – 559-732-3050 or email:

Put your childs sports memories on video!

Visalia Youth Tackle Football Bantam Division. This is the video I made for the 2009 Visalia Mini Miners. My son Lucas is #5. Remember to put all sports memories of your children on video! Home Video Studio-Visalia can place all of your children's sports memories on DVD!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Home Video Studio specializes

Home Video Studio specializes in video editing, video to DVD transfer, DVD and CD duplication, photo/video montages, Super 8mm, 8mm & 16mm home movie transfers, 35mm slide transfers, video tape repair and much more.

The word "specializes" is significant because we actually do specialize in what we do. I'm sure many of you can relate when you quote a price over the phone and a potential customer will say, "they do this over at (insert national chain drug store) a little cheaper!" My response is as simple as, "when I think I need aspirin or cough medicine, I also think of that store, but when I think of preserving my video memories, I would like to go to someplace that specializes at what they do." I usually will get a "you have a point" response back!

Home Video Studio guarantees 100% customer satisfaction by specialized people!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

8 mm Film Transfer by Home Video Studio

This was a film transfer project that I recently completed. I couldn't help but notice the old Disneyland footage. For Disneyland fans, this is a treat! Remember, Home Video Studio does a frame by frame digital transfer of all film. CLICK HERE

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Your video taped home movies are slowly but surely fading away!

If you don't act fast, all of those family memories you captured to regular/super 8mm film or VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8 and or Digital8 videotapes will fade away.

Bring you memories to Home Video Studio - Visalia and we can preserve your valuable family memories. We transfer all home movies to Archival Gold Century Discs. These discs are rated to last 100 years! Talk about passing on your family history for generations to come!

All film transfers are done using a state of the art digital frame by frame computerized system which results in a flicker free and clear picture.

All video transfers are done using a state of the art computer system called DVD Deluxe. This system captures ans encodes your video and produces a DVD complete with a menu and scene selection screens, just like a Hollywood movie!

Call us today!


Friday, September 4, 2009

Home Video Studio™- Visalia Wins International Award

Home Video Studio™ – Visalia recently won a Hanley award at the 9th annual Home Video Studio™ (HVS) Getaway in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Hanley Awards are HVS’ version of the Oscars, which recognize achievement in the movie industry. Home Video Studio™ is the largest international video production services franchise with studios located in the United States, Canada and Sweden.

Studio owner Arthur Zepeda submitted his video work in several of the 33 Hanley award categories. Studio owners from across the world entered to win Best Video Production, Best Documentary, and Best of Show to name a few types of honors. The Hanley’s, named after Robert Hanley, the founder and president of Home Video Studio™, are in recognition of a studio owner’s work during the past year.

Home Video Studio™ – Visalia won for its work in the Best Memorial Video category. The video featured pictures from the life of Helen Duran Moreno, who recently passed away earlier this year. Helen’s love of singing was exemplified by the use of her audio tape recordings, which were used as the soundtrack in this video.

“We couldn’t be more pleased that our video was recognized by our peers,” says Zepeda, Home Video Studio™ owner. “We strive to produce the best work for our customers and it’s nice to know that other professional video studio owners are impressed as well.”

In addition to being an honored guest at the gala black-tie Hanley Awards ceremony, Zepeda participated in video production and post production training in lighting, audio, camera techniques and video editing at the Home Video Studio™ Getaway convention. These studio owners use Apple’s Final Cut Pro™ and DVD Studio Pro ™ along with other video and graphic software programs to ensure the highest quality of work performed. This is the same technology utilized in the making of Hollywood movies and network television shows.

HVS studio owners provide at least 27 different types of professional video services. Some of those services include video to DVD transfers, photo/video montage keepsakes, home movie transfers, video editing, legal video services, and sports or performing arts scholarship videos.

To contact Home Video Studio™ Visalia call 559-732-3050. For more information visit their website at

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Scenes of Americana Retold Through Old Home Movies

Your family’s home movies might be seen on the big silver screen. Home Video Studio is collecting old family movie films to be part of its feature-length documentary called the Great American Home Movie Project. 

Arthur Zepeda, a Home Video Studio franchise owner in Visalia is supporting this documentary film project.  “We tell families that their memories capture an era of days gone by in America.  Wouldn’t it be great to share these images with others before they disappear all together?” Zepeda says. 

Robert Hanley, the founder of the Home Video Studio franchise and an award-winning film and video producer/director, is currently archiving thousands of home movies to be part of his feature film.  This documentary is believed to be the first of its kind.  Home Video Studio is America’s leading video production franchise, with studios located throughout the United States, two in Canada and one in Sweden. 

“What I’ve seen over the past 20 years of transferring film is spectacular and it is something I think everyone should see,” says Hanley.  “ I’ve watched America unfold before my eyes through home movie footage of backyard barbeques, dance recitals, family holiday celebrations and even favorite vacation spots.” 

These 8mm, Super 8 and 16 mm home movie films offer a slice of Americana dating as far back as the 1920s.  Home Video Studio customers, who are transferring their home movies to DVD, are being asked to participate in this Great American Home Movie Project as a way to preserve nostalgia. 

“Film and VHS tapes do not have a long shelf-life and can easily deteriorate,” adds Arthur Zepeda. “This film is a great way to preserve a part of American history that is literally fading away.” 

Customer home movies will be archived and their original film will be returned intact.  They also receive a price discount for participating in this film project. 

The Great American Home Movie Project documentary is hoped to be released in movie theaters nationwide.  For more information on this project go to

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Potential Customers

As I sat last night watching my 9 year old compete in a track and field event, I was reminded of how fun these things can actually be.  Seeing a fourth grader blast the competition in the 1800 meters and thinking we sure are going to read about her in the sports pages of the future.  Seeing the "Agony of Defeat" face on some of these young competitors.  But as I looked up into the stands, I saw so many parents and grandparents there for support, I wondered if this was an opportunity to market Home Video Studio?  If I had a stack of flyers and just handed them out to as many parents as possible, would this be considered wrong?  These parents had obviously someone to watch compete, so did I.  If I temporarily disturbed them for just a moment to let them know the possibilities of preserving memories of their young competitor, could it be all that bad?  Time will tell.  Maybe the next track meet.