Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Polish Your Video with Editing. It's for Everybody!

Polish Your Video with Editing. It's for Everybody!

Let us help you spice up your video!

Does your video need polish? We can help!
Video editing is an art in itself! Like a finely prepared meal your video's impact lies largely in its presentation. Our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment can help you. Does your business presentation need punch? Does your event video need to tell a story? Do you want your wedding to be a beautiful keepsake of your day?

Never before have we had such quality video recorders (even in our phones) available to us 24/7 - whether we are documenting a business presentation, recording an event for an organization or church, making a training video or even shooting a wedding. Now that you've carefully shot that outstanding video let us partner with you to polish it up and present it on a silver platter. Call us!

Here are some events that you have recorded that may be better with a little editing:

  • Sports events – Little League, soccer, football games are more enjoyable to the viewer with a great presentation
  • Arts and entertainment – A lot of hours went into these. Make them special.
  • Old tape formats – Do you want to make those old VHS, 8mm, and other memories on tape really special? Apply some editing magic!
  • Videos on your phone – Don’t leave them there. Do something with them. Let us help!

Need some ideas? How about:

Editing: Sometimes the video you shot is just too long. Your video needs to be long enough to cover the subject and short enough to maintain interest.

Music: Well-placed music is one of the most powerful things your video can have.

Graphics: Whether it's your company logo, charts and graphs or bullet points to articulate something important the power to incorporate these are at your fingertips.

Special effects: Will pictures inserted into your video help you with your message? Motion graphics, slow motion, video transitions, still frames, zooming you name it! Whatever your creative mind can imagine we can most likely achieve.

Call or us today and let's talk about adding some spice to that video footage!

Don't delay. Call Us Today!

We are part of America's largest video production services network with studios located in the United States, Canada and Sweden, and are dedicated to remaining the leading provider of video production, post-production, DVD and digital content services in the global marketplace.

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Need a unique idea for a Wedding, Anniversary or Birthday? Why not create a Photo Video Keepsake of their life? Home Video Studio can take your photo and video memories and develop a touching tribute. Our professionals will use "Hollywood movie style" special effects and add music and titles to produce one-of-a-kind video! Photo Video Keepsakes" are great gifts to give relatives and friends too.
They are fantastic for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, graduations, reunions and other special get-togethers. Let Home Video Studio help you make these extraordinary Photo Video Keepsakes" !

About Home Video Studio - Visalia

Arthur Zepeda, Owner/Video Artist

Your local Home Video Studio offers a wide range of professional video production services to consumers and businesses alike. We value our customers and want to thank you for being a part of our success!

Home Video Studio strives to make your experience with us enjoyable and truly memorable. Our specialties include video production, video editing, home movie and video transfers, CD and DVD duplication, and much more! For all of your video needs, call Home Video Studio today for an appointment!


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Monday, June 13, 2016

Home Video Studio in Visalia's Voicemail Greeting Voice Change (for the better!)

Recently, Home Video Studio in Visalia, Ca., upgraded their telephone system to include an upgraded voicemail system, Virtual Receptionist and selectable options for potential clients to listen to more information about our studio. The transition went very well with the owner, Arthur Zepeda, using his own voice to have everyone listen to whenever anyone called 559-732-3050.

A very good friend of Art's, also a small business owner, pointed out that a female voice may be a better option to have people listen to whenever they called. 

It's obvious that any potential client would rather have their call answered by a human being first. But if their call is answered by a pre-recorded voicemail greeting, apparently statistics have shown that potential clients respond a little better upon hearing a female voiced greeting to answer their call as opposed to a male voice.

"It's much easier to find a female voice that everyone likes than a male voice that everyone likes," said Stanford University Professor Clifford Nass, author of "The Man Who Lied to His Laptop: What Machines Teach Us About Human Relationships. "It's a well-established phenomenon that the human brain is developed to like female voices."

Arthur Zepeda, knowing he needed to make this change soon, did not have to think very hard on who he wanted to have voice his voicemail greetings! He knew the perfect person to help him was back home on their summer break from Eckerd College in Florida.

He contacted Visalia's own local celebrity, Casandra Castaneda! Her solid resume includes performing in local theater productions like playing Ariel in "The Little Mermaid", Mary Poppins in "Mary Poppins"  and so many more. 

Casandra was also the winner of Visalia Teen Idol in 2014!

Home Video Studio of Visalia was extremely proud to have Casandra come in and record our voicemail greetings! 

Casandra, thank you very much!

Listen to Casandra at 559-732-3050!