Tuesday, June 19, 2018

HVSN Top Five Memorable Water Scenes

HVSN Top Five Memorable Water Scenes – Summer is the time for big water – whether a big swimming pool or the ocean. Here are some memorable scenes starring H2O. 

Jaws - The original summer blockbuster is over forty years old. Are you still afraid of the 

The Sandlot - A great coming-of-age movie. And the surprise kiss when lifeguard Wendy Peffercorn tries to save Squints is priceless. 

The Graduate - Sometimes the only place to deal with existential angst is in a diving suit at the bottom of a swimming pool. 

Beach Blanket Bingo - Every night’s a beach party. Every day’s a time to get ready for the night’s beach party. 

From Here to Eternity - The most iconic kiss in the beach sand in movie history. 

Make video part of your summer plans!


"Summertime and the living is easy..."

...and the videos are great! Bright outdoor shots. Lots of action. Exotic scenery. Summer is the time for "doing stuff"! So make sure you're capturing it all with video and photos so you and your family can enjoy them for years to come.

Recently we asked HVS Network customers, representing all ages and from all parts of the country, "What stuff did you do in your ‘best summer ever'?" Here are some highlights:

Randi from Indiana: "That's easy. I backpacked through Europe, stayed in hostels and worked if I ran out of money. I was crazy."

Tim from Texas: "I was a camp counselor. We had no cellular service. We hiked and canoed every day and had campfires every night. I made incredible friendships."

Jenn from New York: "My best summer was right at home before I left for college. I cherished every day with my friends and family. It was more attitude than adventure."

Jim from Minnesota: "A few years ago I went to a baseball fantasy camp. I met the stars of my youth and got to hang out and even play a little ball with them."

What do all these folks have in common? Lots of photo and video memories. And what did they do with them? They called to keep their memories safe and at hand for a lifetime of enjoyment. 
What are you doing this summer?

Are you going on a dream vacation? Don't leave your adventures lying about on your cameras and devices. Bring them to life with a PhotoVideo Keepsake. Where did you go? What did you eat? How big was that fish? Document it with titles. What were the top music hits? Nothing re-creates the time and place like your favorite music in the background.

Are you staying close to home with your family? Festivals, fireworks, beaches, barbeques and picnics. How about a FamilyTIME video of your summer highlights?

Is your summer full of sports activities like baseball, tennis, or golf? We specialize in Sports Highlights videos. Let us take your videos and add some pizzazz with special effects, music, titles, narration…anything you can imagine.

Are your kids going to camp? Sports camp, music camps, church camp, cheer camp, dance camp…and they all have final performances and parent's day. Make sure it's all documented to enjoy for years to come with an Arts and Entertainment video.

Make sure you have precious family memories by preparing now to document the great summer that lies before you. Then call us to help you turn your creative ideas into reality. 

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

HVS Top 5 High School Senior Movies

We’ll remember always...Graduation Day. Here are five famous movies about Senioritis and the crazy things it’ll do to you. 

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off - Ferris pulls off the Ultimate Senior Skip Day and manages to involve most of Chicago. 

Grease - Summer lovers Sandy and Danny discover they're in the same high school. Will love survive? 

Footloose - Graduating teens want to dance in a repressed town that has banned it. 

Dazed and Confused - A teenage rock and roll spree on the last day of school. 

To Sir with Love - A by-the-book teacher must teach a group of rambunctious high school students from the slums of London's East End. 

Video: A Great Dedication to the Ones You Love

Memorial Day is a time to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the military.  

Think of the people you love, living or departed, whose lives are recorded on film, videos, audio tape, slides, and/or photos. We can creatively assemble them into a wonderful program ranging from a custom biography called a LifeTIME Video to a Photo Video Keepsake montage to a simple transfer of a precious video tape. Did you know we can also capture an image in a video for you to print or save? What about simply editing together choice video clips of your subject? Do you want your video to be funny? Solemn? Inspiring? All the above? You can!

Here is a list of some content you can use for lasting tribute to anyone you want to honor. And the best part is you can use a few or all of them, depending on what you have, what you want, and how much time you have.

Photos - Pictures are usually the dominant media of any tribute - whether a simple PhotoVideo Keepsake montage or a more complex presentation. We have the equipment and expertise to ensure your photos, whether prints or digital, will look the best they can.

Video - Old videos will bring life and motion to your project. Do you have video that captures your subject living life? Laughing? Loving on their kids or grandkids?

Home Movies – There’s something fascinating and timeless about old home movies. If you’re lucky enough to have old movies of your subject they can turn your project into a gem!

Interviews - On-camera interviews are a great way to include friends, family members, or anyone who tells a good story. We can shoot the interviews for you or you can do them yourself and bring them to us.

Audio - Did you know we can transfer audio from cassettes, reel-to-reel, and even old wire

Music - Music is the magic in video. As emotional shorthand, it sets the mood, the time, and the place.

Titles - Whether it's dates, people, or places - whether ornate or simple - titles tell a lot in a video

Voiceover - Using first person voiceover narrative in a video production is a very personal way to get a message across.

Pictures, videos, home movies, audio recordings - all these wonderful resources are waiting and just
need you to add your imagination. With our professional production available at a reasonable price why not take advantage of today's technology to create a one-of-a-kind gift dedicated to the one you love? We have the equipment, experience, and creativity to make it the very best.
recordings? If part of your subject's life is available only on audio we can transfer it and find a way to mix it in.
It’s also a great time to honor those we love who are still with us. Video is the perfect gift for Memorial Day, Father’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays or retirements.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

HVS Top 5 April Movie Fools

One of the funniest elements in a movie comedy is a fool who thinks he’s smart. In honor of April and Fools we present our Top 5. If you haven’t seen any of these classic movies with their tomfoolery you owe yourself an April treat.

Ulysses Everett McGill - in “O Brother Where Art Thou”

Inspector Clouseau - in “The Pink Panther"

Nigel Tufnel - in “This Is Spinal Tap”

Steve Martin as Navin R. Johnson - in “The Jerk”

Adenoid Hynckel - in “The Great Dictator” 

Big Days Ahead for Video Gifts – Mother’s Day, Graduation, Anniversaries

April is the time to get started on your PhotoVideo Keepsake. There are several important days coming where this one-of-a-kind gift would be the perfect centerpiece – including Mother’s Day, Graduation, Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Father's Day.
What is a PhotoVideo Keepsake?

A PhotoVideo Keepsake honors someone for a special occasion. In its simplest form we take photos of your honoree and add your choice of music. We usually add beginning and ending titles to the production, as well as simple transitions between the photos. Then we put it all on a DVD or a video file for easy viewing. Keepsakes can be fifty photos or even fewer to several hundred. You can also add video clips if you wish.

Why are PhotoVideo Keepsakes great gifts?

Keepsakes are personal. What’s more special than great photos with inspiring music? Each one is a unique story.

Keepsakes send a powerful message in image and song. What better way to say "I love you" or "I'm proud of you" or "I'd do it all over again"?

Keepsakes are view able anywhere you can watch a video, including homes, offices, auditoriums, and fellowship halls.

What's coming up that is PhotoVideo Keepsake worthy?

Mother's day - Mom has ways of making us feel special. Now you can do the same. Does she have childhood photos? What were her favorite songs in high school? Does she have photos and

Graduation - A "Birth to Graduation" PhotoVideo Keepsake is very popular this time of year. Imagine combining photos, videos, certificates, first grade projects, college acceptance letters, favorite music through the years.... you name it! What better way to say "I am proud of you"?   Anniversaries – Did you have a summer wedding? Anniversaries are yet another great occasion for a PhotoVideo Keepsake. Create a tribute to your beloved of your years together using images, video and music.

Birthdays - Don't forget upcoming birthdays in the next few months!

Father's day - Dad will be just as moved as Mom with a unique PhotoVideo Keepsake.

This is perfect. What’s next?

Call us today.
Start gathering your photos.
Start thinking of music.
Come by and let's get started

memorabilia from when she met dad? Combine her photos and mementos with music, titles and whatever else you can imagine into a masterpiece.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

NOW is the Time to Start Your Spring Video Projects

It’s time to start planning your spring and early summer video projects. May brings Mother’s Day andGraduations, and June is the time of weddings, anniversaries, and Father’s Day. There is nothing more touching than a well-crafted video tribute that we call a Photo Video Keepsake. Remember, craftsmanship takes time. Call us today.

Here are some ideas for these fast-approaching days.

Mother's day – You could call this the Mother of All Tributes. Mom always made us feel special and loved. Now you can do the same! Combine photos, home movies, and video with music, titles and whatever else you can imagine into a masterpiece that will last a lifetime. What about narration? What about the voices of people from her past? How elaborate do you want to get? Do you see why we’re telling you get busy?

Graduation - "Birth to Graduation" Keepsakes never fail to please! Imagine combining photos, videos, certificates, first grade projects, college acceptance letters, favorite music...you name it. What better way to say "I am so proud of you"? And remember, your gift will be enjoyed long after the ceremony.

Anniversaries – Did you have a June wedding? Isn’t it funny that your anniversary keeps popping up in June as well? Anniversaries are yet another great occasion for a Keepsake montage. How moving would a tribute to your beloved be as your years together are captured through images, video and music?

Father's day – Make no mistake. Dad will be just as moved and just as thrilled as Mom will be with a unique PhotoVideo Keepsake.

Is your wedding or other special occasion on tape or 8mm film? Can you even watch it? 

We can transfer your old formats to a modern media to enjoy again! We can also edit to tighten up and brighten up the old days and make them new again! We love this time of year because we get to help you create a masterpiece for the most precious people in your life on their special day. 
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