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Your first call for unique and heartfelt Holiday gifts

The Holiday Season is upon us! Thanksgiving and Christmas mean that once again hearts will turn toward home and families will gather to share their lives and bask in the warmth of this wonderful time. Did you know video was made for this season?
  • Do you have 8mm or 16mm home movies? They are priceless! Transfer them to a Platinum Archival DVD. This scratch-proof DVD is exclusively ours, and is rated to last many, many years. You and your loved ones will enjoy them for the decades to come!
  • What about all the tapes you have of your kids’ first days, first steps, and first dates? There’s a lot of your life contained on those VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, and Mini DV’s. Make sure you keep those memories safe by transferring them to Platinum Archival DVD as well. We'll transfer them all onto a convenient and long-lasting Platinum Archival disc - complete with scene selection and menu.
  • Do something with those still photos and 35mm slides! Are they sitting around in boxes? A Photo Video Keepsake will take your favorite photos and slides and produce a one-of-a-kind work of art complete with titles, special effects and music. And think of the space you’ll save putting all your stills on a DVD or thumb drive! Plus you and your loved ones will enjoy these precious images even more when they are digitized and convenient.
  • What are you doing with your smartphone videos? Instead of sending traditional paper greeting cards, how about putting some of the year’s video clips on a DVD video Christmas card? What about the videos you shoot during your family get-togethers? We can edit your video clips from before, during, and after Christmas into a creative family video. Don’t leave your videos from this special time on your phone! Let’s get creative!
Here are three reasons why Home Video Studio should be your first call this Holiday Season. 

1. Your home movies, tapes, photos, slides, and recent videos all make great gifts.
  • What’s more unique and heartfelt than lasting memories of those you love?
  • Attractive packaging. Custom labeling and beautiful, artistic album cases available.
  • What if you (gasp) forget someone? Extra copies of anything are a quick phone call away!
  • We also have attractive gift certificates!
2. Your home movies, tapes, photos, slides, and recent videos all make great entertainment.
  • Once your video gifts are opened the whole family can enjoy them immediately.
  • Video is something young and old will enjoy together.
3. We can help you make new memories
  • With the family in one place it’s time to shoot more video and stills.
  • Let us help you get creative and plan for the upcoming year.
Call us! Thanksgiving is days away and Christmas is right on its heels. Let's put our heads together to make this the best Holiday season ever! If you start thinking now there's no telling what your creative mind will dream up to make a most memorable Holiday gift.

Don’t delay. Christmas is only weeks away! 



Thursday, November 9, 2017

Transferring VHS to Digital in Bulk: How to Duplicate Your Video Library

VHS video tapes were a fantastic invention and were incredibly popular in their prime. They allowed you to watch blockbuster movies in the comfort of your own home, capture your own home movie magic and create corporate and training videos that could be played over and over. Of course, you had to own the right equipment to do so, but just a couple of decades ago, almost all homes and many businesses boasted their own VCR.
Today, the required playback equipment is quickly becoming obsolete and this leaves a big problem for those who have extensive libraries of aging media, including VHS tapes, Hi8, Digital8, Betamax, 8mm tapes, MiniDV and other videocassettes. Whether you own home movies, Hollywood hits, or corporate content, the tapes themselves hold immense value. It is therefore important to preserve this content so that it can be viewed easily in the future. The good news is that there are services that can help with transferring videocassettes and VHS to digital in bulk and that can give you more freedom over sharing and viewing your content.

The Benefits of Transferring VHS to Digital in Bulk

There are many reasons why you might want to consider transferring your videocassette and VHS tapes to digital format. For one thing, large collections of VHS tapes can take up vast amounts of space. This is space that can be easily reclaimed when you convert your VHS content to digital. Once transferred to a digital format, you can choose to dispose of or archive your VHS tapes, confident in the knowledge that you have the content available in a more durable and versatile format. This also holds true for other forms of outdated interfaces.
Another major benefit of digitizing video content is that you make it instantly available to any device. Whether you need to watch content on your computer or you would like to view content on your mobile phone while on the move, digital formats allow you to do this with ease. By transferring to digital, you also make your content shareable. This is especially convenient for businesses looking to share training videos with other offices or for families looking to share magical memories with loved ones.
VHS can be transferred onto a variety of mediums, including DVD or digital file format. Both options allow you to transfer dated video content easily and can be duplicated as many times as you wish.

The Professional VHS Transfer Process

The process of transferring any videocassette format or VHS to digital in bulk is always best handled by a professional company with the right equipment. When you have a large collection of VHS tapes, you can save a great deal of time and effort by hiring a professional to take care of conversion for you.
The process is simple. Box up your video tapes and send them or take them in person to a professional transfer service. You can be sure that your precious tapes will be expertly cared for and painstakingly transferred to the medium of your choice. Using specialist equipment, your tapes will be converted to a digital format and preserved for future generations to enjoy over and over again. Whether you have a large collection of video tapes of family get-togethers or you have a vast collection of corporate tapes that tell your company story, all of your recorded memories will be converted into a durable, modern and versatile format that will preserve your stories for many years to come.

Bulk Transfers That Never Compromise on Quality

You may be concerned that having your video content transferred to digital in bulk will result in poor-quality duplication. When you use a professional transfer, these concerns can be set aside. Each individual tape will be converted using a proven and precise process. The result is an exact duplicate of the content on each tape and in many cases, the quality can be improved.
Once your VHS or videocassette content has been transferred, you will have all original tapes returned to you in the same condition in which they arrived, plus you’ll have all content available in a digital format. Once digitized, you can choose to view and share content on a huge range of devices and duplicate these copies further if you wish. DVD copies can be played on a range of devices, including computers, laptops and DVD players. Digital files can be played on computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and any device that is compatible with digital file formats.

Relive Your Memories Over and Over

When you have professional VHS transfer services at your fingertips, there is no reason to lose your memories to the hands of time. Free those memories and gain storage space by having your VHS tapes transferred to a digital format in bulk. Once digitized, you’ll never have to hunt down an elusive video player again.
The possibilities are endless once converted to a more modern format and no matter where you are or how many times you want to view your content, you know you can do so on any device and without jeopardizing the quality. Whether you have hundreds of videos in your collection or a handful of treasured tapes that you would like digitized, using a professional service will always ensure the best results.
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We’re your first (and maybe only) stop for unique and heartfelt Holiday gifts

The Holiday Season is nearly upon us! Thanksgiving is days away, with Christmas right on its heels. Here's some good news. You may already have the perfect gift for everyone. All you need is the wrapping!!
The gift? All the good times, special events, cherished moments and love that your family has captured through the years on 8mm and 16mm film, video tape, slides, photos and smartphones.
The wrapping? Why not wrap these precious memories together onto a DVD? All you need to do is gather them all together and call us today!
Video was made for this season!
  • Do you have 8mm or 16mm home movies? They are priceless! Transfer them to our exclusive Platinum Archival 45 DVD. This scratch-proof DVD is rated to last many years. You and your loved ones will enjoy them for the decades to come!
  • Where are all your video tapes? There's a lot of your life contained on those VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, and Mini DV's. Keep those memories safe for your kids and grandkids! Transfer them to Platinum Archival DVD as well - complete with scene selection and menu.
  • Are your photos sitting in boxes? Are your 35mm slides stacked in carousels? How about getting them digitized for convenient and safe storage! Call us for state-of-the-art photo and slide transfers so you and the generations to come can enjoy them!
Do you need more reasons to call us this Holiday Season?
  • Create a PhotoVideo Keepsake for the centerpiece of your occasion. Imagine grandparents, parents and children enjoying a heartwarming "through the years" montage.
  • DVDs look great! We provide attractive labeling and we can also customize for you.
  • We can make copies. DVDs make great stocking stuffers!
  • DVDs are convenient last second gifts! Unexpected Holiday surprises? We're a phone call away.
  • We offer attractive Gift Certificates as well!
You already have the precious gifts. We'll help you wrap them in a safe, long-lasting, convenient DVD!

Call us today! Don't delay.
Christmas is only weeks away!

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What Is VHS to DVD Conversion?

Technology moves faster than most people care to keep up with, which is why you might be one of the millions of home or business owners with a storage closet packed full of old VHS tapes. Although many people are quick to assume these old tapes are trash, you might actually be able to salvage those films with VHS to DVD conversion. Here is a little more information about this delicate process and why you should consider having your tapes transformed into DVDs.

Understanding Media Conversion

What Is VHS to DVD Conversion?

VHS to DVD conversion is the process of transferring the images and sounds present on your old VHS tapes onto DVDs you can use in modern computers and DVD players. Although there are different ways of doing this, the most common way to transfer VHS tapes to DVD format is by using proprietary software and a tape deck that plays the tape while simultaneously recording the information onto a DVD. The technician can even create DVD chapters to give the user the chance to quickly access certain parts of the tape or improve the picture and sound quality before the final disc is created.

Why Should You Have Your Tapes Converted?

Although many people don’t realize it, VHS tapes are a magnetic media form that degrades over time. In fact, research has shown tapes lose as much as 10% to 20% of their picture quality after about 10 to 25 years because of magnetic remanence decay alone, leaving you with only a portion of the sound and film experience you once enjoyed.
Additionally, the longer you store VHS tapes, the more likely they will experience some form of damage due to sunlight exposure, heat, or water, which could render your footage completely unusable. On the other hand, having your tapes converted to DVD gives you the chance to download those videos to your personal computer, share them easily, create redundant copies, or upload them to cloud-based storage websites.  

Are you ready to have your favorite memories or films preserved in a digital format? Home Video Studio-Visalia in Visalia, CA, specializes in creating business event videos, in addition to VHS to DVD conversion. Whether you need to preserve those useful training videos to keep your hiring process consistent or can’t let those family videos go to waste, this experienced professional will treat your media with the utmost care. For more information about their services, visit them online or call (559) 732-3050.

Video Transfer: 3 Reasons to Move Your Memories to DVD

Do you have boxes filled with tapes of past birthday parties and graduations? The professionals at Home Video Studio-Visalia in St. Paul, MN, understand that these videos are family treasures. That’s why they have specialized in video transfer services since 2002. From standard to Blu-Ray, the team will convert almost any video to DVD for your viewing convenience. Below, they explain why it’s in your best interest to upgrade your VHS tapes to DVDs.

Video Transfer: 3 Reasons to Upgrade to DVDs

1. They Are Easier to Use Online

DVDs are much more compatible with computers than VHS tapes are. Today’s families may not live in the same area, but DVDs make it easy to share important memories through social media or email. You can further protect your family’s memories by uploading the DVD contents to cloud-based storage, so you never lose them, and they’re always accessible.

2. You Can Store More Memories Using Less Space

Video transfers drastically reduce the physical storage space required, as DVDs are obviously much smaller than their VHS counterparts. Additionally, shorter video recordings can be merged onto one disc for up to two hours of footage. 

3. VHS Tapes Are Borderline Obsolete

You may still find tape players in a few homes. However, this technology is quickly becoming obsolete. As fewer players function, the ability to view your memories at all decreases. VHS to DVD transfer updates your videos today, so you can enjoy them for years to come. Plus, DVDs can be played on multiple devices, such as laptops and gaming systems.
Using video transfer services is an affordable way to preserve priceless memories. Home Video Studio-Visalia in Visalia, CA has the equipment and experience needed to keep your footage safe throughout the conversion process. Give the them a call today at (559) 732-3050 to schedule an appointment, and visit them online for more information on their services.

Video Services Company Shares What to Do With Your Old Cassette Tapes

Cassette tapes used to be the symbol of the pop music era until video production took over the music scene. Not long after, tape collections were replaced by CDs and DVDs. However, this doesn’t mean you have to throw away your collection of cassette tapes.
Here are some projects you can do to make use of them:
  • Tape Twine: A 60-minute cassette contains as much as 285 feet of strong tape that can be used for a lot of household applications. In the garden, you can use it to tie flowers or vegetables to a main support. You can also bundle recyclable newspapers with it or use it to wrap gifts in a unique way.
  • Storage: Tapes offer small to large storage solutions. Put a few together, and you have something to put on your table to organize your pens and office trinkets. Combine a hundred more with a strong adhesive, and you have yourself a nostalgic storage box.
  • Retro Holder: If you crack a cassette tape open and take out the insides, the case can be repurposed into a card holder, an iPod® touch case, or a wallet. You can personalize it further by using the cassette tape of your favorite music artist.
  • Stylish Lamp: Translucent cassette tapes can be transformed into beautiful, eco-friendly light sources. If you have an ample supply of tapes, glue them together to form your desired shape and size. Use DIY lamp making parts or lighting kits, which can usually be found at your local craft store, to make the project easier.
  • Audio Transfer: One of the best ways to preserve your favorite cassette tape is to have it converted to a digital format. This way, you can still listen to old recordings in whatever modern platform you’re currently using.
For quality audio transferring services, Home Video Studio-Visalia in Visalia, CA, can help. The company can modernize your treasured memories, whether you want to turn your cassette tapes into CDs or a VHS into a DVD. Give them a call today at (559) 732-3050 to discuss your needs, and visit their website for more information on their services.

Video Transfer Experts Explain 5 Reasons VHS Tapes Decay

Nothing lasts forever, and videotapes are no exception. While it was once believed tapes were sturdier than formats like DVDs, over time, people have come to realize these pieces are actually prone to deterioration. Tapes can even begin to break down in as little as five years after recording.
To shed some light on the most common causes of VHS decay, the video transfer service experts at Home Video Studio-Visalia in Visalia, CA, have put together the following helpful guide:
  • Moisture: Humidity is one of your tapes’ worst enemies. Moisture can seep into the tape reel, causing it to become sticky and rendering it unwatchable. To avoid this issue, store tapes in cool, dry places.  
  • Demagnetization: Magnets are also known to wreak havoc on tapes. A tape’s magnetic particles are actually responsible for storing the recording, so keep any magnets far away from your tapes to prevent distortion.
  • Poor-Quality Equipment: If you’re using decades-old equipment to play your videos, you could risk the quality of your tapes. Players have limited life spans, so make sure your equipment doesn’t have dust, grime, or loose parts before inserting tapes.
  • Overuse: Watching a video too many times can weaken the tape reel. If there’s a treasured video, such as one with wedding footage or a family vacation, seek out video transfer service so you can secure a backup before video quality becomes compromised.
  • Loss of Particle Charge: Even if you keep your tapes far away from any magnets, the particles will still weaken over time. Using video transfer services to upgrade to DVDs is the simplest way to prevent losing memories.   
When it comes to preserving videotapes, time, unfortunately, isn’t on your side. Even with proper storage and playing techniques, these items are bound to deteriorate eventually. Give yourself peace of mind by enlisting the help of Home Video Studio-Visalia for video transfer. Their team uses high-quality technology to perform VHS to DVD transfers, allowing you to relive priceless moments for years to come. To learn more about their services, call (559) 732-3050 or visit them online today.