Monday, April 23, 2018

HVS Top 5 April Movie Fools

One of the funniest elements in a movie comedy is a fool who thinks he’s smart. In honor of April and Fools we present our Top 5. If you haven’t seen any of these classic movies with their tomfoolery you owe yourself an April treat.

Ulysses Everett McGill - in “O Brother Where Art Thou”

Inspector Clouseau - in “The Pink Panther"

Nigel Tufnel - in “This Is Spinal Tap”

Steve Martin as Navin R. Johnson - in “The Jerk”

Adenoid Hynckel - in “The Great Dictator” 

Big Days Ahead for Video Gifts – Mother’s Day, Graduation, Anniversaries

April is the time to get started on your PhotoVideo Keepsake. There are several important days coming where this one-of-a-kind gift would be the perfect centerpiece – including Mother’s Day, Graduation, Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Father's Day.
What is a PhotoVideo Keepsake?

A PhotoVideo Keepsake honors someone for a special occasion. In its simplest form we take photos of your honoree and add your choice of music. We usually add beginning and ending titles to the production, as well as simple transitions between the photos. Then we put it all on a DVD or a video file for easy viewing. Keepsakes can be fifty photos or even fewer to several hundred. You can also add video clips if you wish.

Why are PhotoVideo Keepsakes great gifts?

Keepsakes are personal. What’s more special than great photos with inspiring music? Each one is a unique story.

Keepsakes send a powerful message in image and song. What better way to say "I love you" or "I'm proud of you" or "I'd do it all over again"?

Keepsakes are view able anywhere you can watch a video, including homes, offices, auditoriums, and fellowship halls.

What's coming up that is PhotoVideo Keepsake worthy?

Mother's day - Mom has ways of making us feel special. Now you can do the same. Does she have childhood photos? What were her favorite songs in high school? Does she have photos and

Graduation - A "Birth to Graduation" PhotoVideo Keepsake is very popular this time of year. Imagine combining photos, videos, certificates, first grade projects, college acceptance letters, favorite music through the years.... you name it! What better way to say "I am proud of you"?   Anniversaries – Did you have a summer wedding? Anniversaries are yet another great occasion for a PhotoVideo Keepsake. Create a tribute to your beloved of your years together using images, video and music.

Birthdays - Don't forget upcoming birthdays in the next few months!

Father's day - Dad will be just as moved as Mom with a unique PhotoVideo Keepsake.

This is perfect. What’s next?

Call us today.
Start gathering your photos.
Start thinking of music.
Come by and let's get started

memorabilia from when she met dad? Combine her photos and mementos with music, titles and whatever else you can imagine into a masterpiece.

Call us today!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

NOW is the Time to Start Your Spring Video Projects

It’s time to start planning your spring and early summer video projects. May brings Mother’s Day andGraduations, and June is the time of weddings, anniversaries, and Father’s Day. There is nothing more touching than a well-crafted video tribute that we call a Photo Video Keepsake. Remember, craftsmanship takes time. Call us today.

Here are some ideas for these fast-approaching days.

Mother's day – You could call this the Mother of All Tributes. Mom always made us feel special and loved. Now you can do the same! Combine photos, home movies, and video with music, titles and whatever else you can imagine into a masterpiece that will last a lifetime. What about narration? What about the voices of people from her past? How elaborate do you want to get? Do you see why we’re telling you get busy?

Graduation - "Birth to Graduation" Keepsakes never fail to please! Imagine combining photos, videos, certificates, first grade projects, college acceptance letters, favorite name it. What better way to say "I am so proud of you"? And remember, your gift will be enjoyed long after the ceremony.

Anniversaries – Did you have a June wedding? Isn’t it funny that your anniversary keeps popping up in June as well? Anniversaries are yet another great occasion for a Keepsake montage. How moving would a tribute to your beloved be as your years together are captured through images, video and music?

Father's day – Make no mistake. Dad will be just as moved and just as thrilled as Mom will be with a unique PhotoVideo Keepsake.

Is your wedding or other special occasion on tape or 8mm film? Can you even watch it? 

We can transfer your old formats to a modern media to enjoy again! We can also edit to tighten up and brighten up the old days and make them new again! We love this time of year because we get to help you create a masterpiece for the most precious people in your life on their special day. 
Call us today!


Monday, January 29, 2018

Be Mine

Flowers? You don’t need no stinkin’ flowers. This Valentine’s Day, if you want to WOW your significant other with a gift he or she will truly treasure, bring me 30 pictures of the two of you together along with your favorite song, and I will deliver back to you a photo video keepsake – a customized DVD presentation that will remind you both of the special relationship you share.

Let’s face it. Flowers wilt and die. Chocolates are eaten and are soon forgotten. But memories are meant to last forever. And with our Valentine’s Day Special we can make that happen for you. #Memoriesmatter.

With thirty pictures, one song, and $74.99, you’ll be able to give your sweetheart the greatest gift ever… the memories of the times you’ve spent together and the knowledge of how special they are to you… because you spent the time and effort towards putting together this keepsake. This discounted package includes an archival quality, fully authored DVD enclosed in a case with a customized case wrap.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This offer is for lovers only so call today to place your order. 559-732-3050 or visit

Arthur Zepeda and Home Video Studio specialize in the preservation of family memories. But we are also in the business of creating new ones. For more information, call 559-732-3050 or visit

My First Record

Kids today have so much to be thankful for… but at the same time, I can’t help but think that they may be missing out on some of the more iconic moments we remember of growing up. I vividly recall the first music that I purchased with my own money. The Star Wars original soundtrack album. This two album set included most of the original music played for episode four of the original Star Wars movie from 1977.

For any kids that may be reading, let me explain. Before there was iTunes or Pandora or Spotify, there were record stores. That’s where we would have to go to buy music we wanted to hear. Along with these albums, they also sold a much smaller album called a 45.  They were were sold as single recordings on vinyl discs that could be played by the same process as the larger albums by dragging a needle across the face of them. On the flip side was usually a lesser known song by the same artist or group. 

Buying a record was a monumental decision for a child. The first time you put your allowance money down to buy a piece of music that wasn’t chosen for you by your parents was like taking a first step towards your independence.

I may be wrong but I doubt today’s kids can remember the first song they downloaded. It is just too easy a process to be memorable. Back in the day, great thought and planning had to be made to bring about the physical transaction that resulted in a sale of the one piece of music you decided you wanted to own. There would be other purchases to be sure, but the first record held a special meaning all its own.

I remember listening to this album for the first time and hearing it start with what is now the iconic anthem. I could visualize the words "STAR WARS" appearing as the movie opens before the opening crawl. I could see the movie in mind as the music played. There was no way to see the movie again unless we went back to the theater. Well, that in itself is another story!

Arthur Zepeda and Home Video Studio specialize in the preservation of family memories. One of the many services they offer is digitalization of audio recordings from reel to reel tape, cassette tapes, or vinyl records. For more information, call 559-732-3050 or visit

Thursday, January 18, 2018

HVS Top Five Movies with “Heart” – We know you’ll heart these!

  HVS Top Five Movies with “Heart” – We know you’ll heart these! 

Where the Heart Is - An expecting girl is abandoned by her boyfriend at Wal-Mart. With a few dollars to her name she finds a way to live there. Heartwarming with many survival tips on how to make and keep Wal-Mart your permanent home.

Places in the Heart - A newly widowed woman is forced to take over the debt-ridden Texas family farm herself. Knowing she can’t do it on her own she accepts the help of the most unlikely people to bring in the cotton crop.

I Heart Huckabees - A detective story with a most unusual subject: the very meaning of existence.

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter - True to the book by Carson McCullers this is the story of a deaf mute who brings warmth into the lives of lonely people in a small Southern town.

So Dear to my Heart - A Disney classic mixing animation and live action this story of a boy and his lamb will tug at your heart strings. 

DVA - Delightful Valentine Affection with Digital Video Archive

Are you looking for a unique Valentine this year? Are you feeling in a rut with the usual Valentine’s

So, how do you say "I love you" with video? Let us count the ways!
gifts? What’s more romantic than a video commemorating your lives together? Call us today for a gift from the heart!
  • Do you have a copy of your wedding on tape or film? We can transfer it!
  • Does your wedding video need a little freshening? Let's add a little pizzazz with music, titles, or maybe some re-arranging!
  • What about a Photo Video Keepsake combining photos, video or both in a moving tribute of your lives together through the years. Add some special music, or maybe a message with titles.

Once your Valentine’s video is finished we’ll put it on DVA™ – Digital Video Archive™ so you can watch on your Smartphone, Computer, Ipad or Smart TV!
  • DVA™ is cloud-based. Your memories are safely archived - never again vulnerable to the elements, breakage, or being lost.
  • Each of your videos, after transfer, are uploaded to Digital Video Archive™. From your personal DVA™ account you can then view, organize and edit your old memories.
  • View your family videos on any computer, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone or Smart TV.
  • Invite your friends and family to view! Everything you share is private and by invitation only.
  • Add, change and re-title chapter markers online. Organize your new DVAs into Archives.
  • You can also easily edit your videos.
  • All your current videos are part of your archives too! You can transfer your own smartphone video to your Digital Video Archive™ account.

This Valentine’s Day show your Delightful Valentine’s Affection with Digital Video Archive™.

Call today! 559-732-3050

Home Movie Transfer - 8mm & 16mm Film
Don't let your treasured film memories fade away! Preserve your 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film by transferring them to an Archival Platinum DVD. These DVD's are entirely scratch proof and rated to last 100+ years!

With tens of thousands of satisfied customers and over 30 million feet of film transferred in our thirty years of business, Home Video Studio is the leader in home movie transfer. With professionally trained film technicians and state-of-the-art equipment your precious memories are in the best of hands. Sprocketless drives, color correction and full frame capture guarantees that your film will look its absolute best! Whether you have one reel or hundreds call us today! 559-732-3050