Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Archive your mobile videos on a Platinum DVD with Home Video Studio

We all know that when you and your family get together with friends over the holidays you will enjoy watching those old home movies and tapes. Many of you have had us put your tapes and movies on a Platinum Archival DVD which makes it really easy and fun. 

We also know we're now in the digital media age. Here's a question: Do you know where your precious memories from this year's holiday events are?

You took that cool video of the kids on your iPhone. You snapped the perfect picture on your digital camera. You shot precious video footage of Grandpa on your flip camera. Now where are they? Still sitting in your phone? On a camera in your glove box? On your computer? Most likely everything you shot or filmed during the holidays is in danger (just a click or crash away) from being destroyed, stolen or lost because the digital age is also the dangerous age - for our memories. Don't let them become "Dust in the Wind!"

Did you know that if your phone gets wet or dropped those memories may be lost forever?! Sometimes they can be retrieved, but often they cannot! What if your digital camera or flip camera gets stolen or lost? What if your laptop hard drive crashes?

DON'T LOSE YOUR PRECIOUS MEMORIES! Home Video Studio can back up the pictures and videos from all of your portable devices on a Platinum 100 Year Archival DVD! We can back up your lap top as well. Be a saver of your family's archives! Don't wait till your mobile device is dropped or stolen. If you lose your phone you lose your memories.

Plus Home Video Studio's archival process offers easy access to your pictures and videos for printing, posting (Facebook/youtube/etc.) or just viewing with friends and family on your PC or DVD.
It's a great age we live in - the digital age! Digital cameras and smart phones make documenting the important things in your life easy and rewarding - Home Video Studio makes protecting those memories a cinch with our Platinum Archival DVDs!

It's also a great time to relive your older memories with friends and family. Home Video Studio makes projecting those memories really easy! Ask about putting your old movies, videotapes and photos into a Lifetime DVD Keepsake with music and titles today! 

We're only a click or call away. 

Call us today! 559-732-3050 / 866-993-8348

That will bring a smile to our faces and to yours!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Transfer Your VHS & 8mm Tape To DVD - Makes A Great Gift!

Believe it or not the Holidays are upon us and we all know that the best gifts for the upcoming season come from the heart. What could be better than getting all your old video tapes transferred to Home Video Studio's Platinum Archival DVDs? It's the perfect gift and one of the most important things you can do for yourself, your kids and/or your grandchildren.

Maybe its been a long time since you and your loved ones enjoyed the memories of those scenes you took long ago because it has become a hassle. You have to find the right cables to connect your camera to your TV, hook it up, figure out which TV setting etc.
Perhaps what you want to watch is somewhere in the middle of one of those tapes in the pile. Wouldn't it be great to give everyone DVDs that they could easily pop in to a player and enjoy anytime and anywhere?
The best thing to do right now is to gather up all your old tape formats - VHS, VHSC, 8mm, and minis - and get here before the Holiday rush. We can answer any questions and help you get started. The key thing is get started now!
Don't worry if some of your tapes appear damaged. We are video tape repair experts and can most likely repair them and get them onto a much more durable source for good!
Once your DVDs are made you have many options for packaging. We have many attractive themes for both DVD labeling and case wraps. Or you can customize your own. Maybe you want a precious family photo on the case. Once again, your imagination is the limit!
The best thing about transferring your videos to DVD is that, once the master DVD is made, copies are a cinch. They are quick to make, inexpensive and always available for that last minute gift.
The more thought you put into this gift the better it will be. Call us today and let's get started putting your memories onto Platinum Archival DVDs for the ultimate Holiday Gift!

Home Video Studio-Visalia
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Monday, October 3, 2011

This is VAMA!

Visalia Anesthesia Medical Associates (VAMA). This is the unit that served the Kaweah Delta Health Care District with Anesthesia services and had been for over 16 years. The Director of VAMA, Dr. Walter Walters, had me create this video to present at their RFP (Refer For Proposal) to the hospital committee and Board of Directors. Even after powerful testimonials by many of the lead surgeons of the hospital, it was decided by the Board to go with a lower cost national anesthesia provider.

Friday, September 9, 2011

It Takes Every One Of Us To Build A Church

St. Mary's Church of Visalia 150th Anniversary Celebration video. This was shown at last nights celebration dinner. The video is titled "It Takes Every One Of Us To Build A Church." Original music by Visalia's own Charles Culbreth who happens to be St. Mary's music director.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cool off with summer DVD savings!

Summer is here! Swimming, barbeques and family outings are probably on your schedule. But don't forget your Christmas shopping - Christmas in July that is! Announcing Home Video Studio's 'Christmas in July special! Call us today to see what we're offering for the summer yuletide.
"I just put the winter coats away!" you might say. But think about it, all the great things you love about Christmas can be enjoyed anytime, and this increasingly popular holiday season is great for family gatherings, sentiment, gift giving, memories, food and seasonal specials. Why wait?

Because they make great gifts, three of our most popular services at the Holiday time, traditional or new, are:

8mm/16mm Home Movie Transfer: Don't let your beloved memories just fade away due to time and the elements! Transfer them to Archival DVD so that you and your loved ones can enjoy them for generations to come!

Photo Video Keepsakes: Let us take your favorite photos and slides and produce a one- of- a- kind work of art set to your favorite music.

Video tape to DVD transfers: For your convenience and for the safety of your most treasured memories we'll transfer all of your VHS, 8mm and Mini DV tapes onto a long-lasting Gold Archival disc - complete with scene selection and menu.

Now, if the traditional Holidays are more of your thing here are just a few reasons to call us and start planning now:

Christmas in July savings!
You'll be a hero! Creative gifts say "I love you" like no other.
You need time. Some of your best material may be scattered. Photos or old film may be in basements and attics across the country. Don't wait until the last minute.
Once your video creation is complete copies are a phone call away. No last minute rushes to the mall to find a tie or scarf!
Thinking about Christmas in July will keep you cool!
Christmas in July savings!
The things that make for a great Christmas - whether December, July or both are made for video.

Call us today!
559-732-3050 / 866-993-8348
Hi everyone! Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Photo Montages on DVD Make Great Grad Gifts!

Home Video Studio is a very busy place these days. If you look you'll see Mrs. Crenshaw bringing in shoeboxes of photos and memorabilia. Mr. Weiss is right behind her with several pieces of his son's favorite music. And why is Mrs. Johnson smiling so big while dabbing her eyes with a tissue? Oh yeah, it's Graduation Photo Video Keepsake time!

If there's ever a time to honor your child's life now is the time to do it with photos and music at this landmark event. Graduation gifts may come and go, but one gift that will remain is a Photo Video Keepsake from Home Video Studio. Imagine a birth to graduation montage of photos, documents, music and titles, preserving your child's priceless moments in a one-of-a-kind work of art.

And the best part? You'll have a blast from start to finish! First you'll get to go through your grad's photos to select your favorites. Then you'll choose their favorite music (and maybe some of your favorites, too). Then you'll have to think of something to say in an opening or closing title. The whole time you'll be bursting with pride thinking of your child's accomplishment and then you get to watch it!

It's not too late! Call us today and let's get started!

Home Video Studio-Visalia
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Make Mom Happy with DVD Memories

Good News! Mother's Day is around the corner. Better News! You have the opportunity to express your love and appreciation to her in a way that is personal, unique and powerful. Best News! It's a phone call away!
Your Mom has always found creative ways to say "I Love You" like no other. Now you can return the favor with a special Mother's Day video that will be one of a kind! Here are just a few ideas:

A Mother's Day Photokeepsake - How about a photo montage for the whole family to enjoy? We can take your favorite photos of mom, add her favorite music and some titles and produce a masterpiece. It's easy to get started. First select the photos you want to include, then sort them by date, by event, by person or however you would like. Next choose some music that is appropriate. Then choose a simple opening and closing title.

A Message for Mom - Can you imagine mom's delight if her kids made a video message? A poetry reading, a song or just an impromptu speech of what mom means to them. We can create and edit to your hearts content to make it really special.

Videos Through the Years - You've shot video on vacation, school programs, recitals, camp, graduation, family reunions &..whew! That's a lot of video! And it's probably on a lot of formats. 8mm film, VHS tape, 8mm tape, Mini DV, Mini Disc&We can take all of your formats and organize it into something special for mom's special day. And what could be more gratifying to mom than seeing her kids grow up before her very eyes?

A mixture - We can help you do a mixture of any or all of these ideas for one spectacular production! Remember, we are the creative specialists. Whatever you can conceive we can most likely achieve.

Give us a call today so we can begin building a Mother's Day gift she won't soon forget!

559-732-3050 / 866-993-8348

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Photo Video Keepsake - Visalia, CA - A Wedding Idea

Remember these events with a Photo Video Keepsake. Gather photos and any video taken by family members and we can create a video that you will cherish, forever!

Photo Video Keepsake - Visalia, Ca - From Birth To Graduation.

Honor your son or daughter with a Photo Video Keepsake that highlights their life from birth to school graduation! Commemorate this special event forever!

Photo Video Keepsake - Visalia, Ca - Dawn & Wes, 25 Years, A Love Story

This video was made for Dawn and Wes Drysdale to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. It starts with photos from their high school years to their wedding and then to their happiest moment, the birth of their son, Tyler. There is also 2 video clips.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Video to DVD transfer - How long does it take?

Time is what we want most, but... what we use worst. ~William Penn

Video tapes are transferred in real-time.
As the video is playing the analog video signal is captured and converted to digital video. So a 2 hour video tape would take two hours to be converted into digital.
The VHS video is analog there is no way to transfer the video faster than real-time.
Once the video is digital it can be transferred onto a DVD at the speed of the DVD burner,
e.g. 12x 24x or 36x faster than real-time.

Learn More, Click Here:

We can transfer all of these formats to digital for you!

Thank you and have a great day!

Friday, March 25, 2011


The NJB Boys Division 2 Sharks run for the Championship. The video shows a quick version of the final game.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Preserve your most precious documents to DVD

There's a hero in your neighborhood. When you call we are there. When you need us we stand ready. We are Savers of the Family Archives and we exist to preserve your life.
What would happen if a fire, flood, hurricane or other catastrophe took your photos, videos, films, recordings, and important papers? How much of your life is represented by the memories and documentation that these items provide? Can you put a price on these items?

Home Video Studio's Savers of the Family Archives is designed to take all of the precious items that speak of your life and preserve them in a digital format. This makes it easy for you to retrieve them and make extra copies. And if you have new items it's easy to update.

Ready to get started? The first thing to do is get organized. Are your photos organized, or are they randomly stored in boxes? What about important papers? Don't forget your scrapbooks, certificates and other keepsakes.

Here's a master list you might find helpful:

Birth Certificates
Social Security Cards
Marriage Certificate
Military Records
Titles Diplomas
Financial Accounts
Tax returns
Insurance Policies
Trust Documents
Mortgage Papers
Unique memorabilia
Citizenship Papers
All of your photos/videos/film (8mm/16mm)
If you need help we make housecalls! We can help you categorize your life's legacy items.
Next we'll copy everything digitally. Now you can store it on DVD, CD or even your iPod or smart phone. Extra copies can be stored in safes, deposit boxes, wherever you need them. Don't wait for tragedy to strike before you try to preserve your life!

Call your Home Video Studio today!

Home Video Studio - Visalia

Spring is DVD time for your young artist or performer

Your kids have practiced all year! Now its spring, a busy time for children's recitals, performances and presentations. Your grandkids have been rehearsing for months! Just think. You have school musicals, dance recitals, instrument recitals and school concerts. Now, before the curtain rises, make sure you're prepared to capture these once-in-a-lifetime events on video. And after the applause call us to help you present these performances on a silver platter.

Once you've captured the performance on tape here's how we can help:

First of all, let's get the content you have videoed transferred to DVD. Video transfers are our specialty!
Maybe you want to bundle several performances together onto one DVD. Has your child performed recitals or in programs over the years? What if you put them all on one DVD with titles depicting each year?
How about a snappy label with a photograph? Wouldn't a custom menu look great?
Would a portion of this performance be perfect in a PhotoKeepsake of your loved one?
Is your young artist is competing or vying for a scholarship? All the more reason to call us! More and more decision makers are relying on video submissions as a first step in any competition or scholarship. Your artists will be steps ahead with a well produced, edited video that showcases their skills.

And remember. If you want a professional shooting of a performance we can do that too! We have the experience and equipment to deliver high quality video and audio, and we will incorporate your input into our shooting style. Do you envision more than one camera combining different camera angles and placements? Your imagination is the limit as we shoot and produce these one time events!

The young people in your life spend countless hours preparing to perform. Make sure it is enjoyed for years to come! Call us today!

Home Video Studio - Visalia

Video and Film Transfer by Home Video Studio-Visalia

Photo Video Keepsake for Graduation

Sneak Peak

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine's Day! Candy, Flowers or Precious memories on DVD?

Home Video Studio is DVD (Doing Valentine's Day that is!)

Valentines Day is a day of expression. Expression of love. Of appreciation. Of hopes and dreams. These deepest of feelings may be challenging to convey - and we're here to help you. We're no Cupids but we do have experience assembling some powerful stuff using video, photos, music and narration and we would love to share some ideas with you.

Here's just a few suggestions to get the Valentine rolling:
Do you and your loved one have a special song? Imagine that song being played behind photos of you as a couple. Do you and your mate have a special place. What if your video of that place was accentuated by a poem you read as narration?
Would you like to relive your wedding day? Let us put that video tape onto DVD. Romance starts with creativity and imagination - and we're in the creativity and imagination business! Call us today to begin planning the best Valentine's Day ever! Valentine's Day! Candy, Flowers or Precious memories on DVD?