Sunday, September 25, 2016

It’s the Perfect Time to Transfer your Home Movies

When you transfer your old home movies you’re not just preserving your family’s legacy for generations to come, you’re documenting our important historical and cultural heritage as well. That’s why, on October 15th, annual Home Movie Day will again be observed to celebrate these

unique stories written by parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, and children who lived in the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s and preserved their life and times with a movie camera.

Do you have old family home movies? Now’s a great time to bring them in! This time of year traditionally kicks off a busy time for transferring these treasures. Besides getting on the “Home Movie Day” bandwagon remember that the Holiday season is soon upon us and this is a great gift idea, not to mention that watching these precious memories make any occasion a joyous time for kids, parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents.

Have you been thinking about getting your film transferred? Here are some questions you may have:
Is my film too old? 
Probably not. We have seen film from the early part of last century. As long as it’s not disintegrating there should be no problem. If you’re wondering, bring it in so we can make an assessment.
Will my old 8mm, Super8 or 16mm film look good?
Yes! We believe there’s no such thing as a bad home movie! Think of the content on these gems that’s waiting to be enjoyed again!
Will the sound transfer too? 
Yes, if sound was recorded it will be transferred. If you’re lucky enough to have sound movies, it’s a treat to hear voices from the past!
What about music or sound on film? 
If you like we include background music free of charge.
I want to edit these after they’re captured. Can you help me with that?
Yes. We can deliver your movies in a format that allows you to edit.
Can I organize my film in the order I want? 
Of course. Just number your reels and we will put them in that order.
Can I put captions or titles in the film? 
Yes. We can put titles anywhere on your captured film.

Home Movie Day and the coming Holidays! There’s no better time than now to transfer those old home movies. Call us today!

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Home Movie Transfer - 8mm & 16mm Film
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With tens of thousands of satisfied customers and over 30 million feet of film transferred in our thirty years of business, Home Video Studio is the leader in home movie transfer. With professionally trained film technicians and state-of-the-art equipment your precious memories are in the best of hands. Sprocketless drives, color correction and full frame capture guarantees that your film will look its absolute best! Whether you have one reel or hundreds call us today! 

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The HVS Top Five Back to School Movies

The HVS Top Five Back to School Movies

The campus has always been fertile ground for good movies. Now that school is back in full swing we thought we’d bring you our picks for the top five back to school movies:

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – "Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

Dead Poets Society – "Carpe, carpe. Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary."

To Sir with Love – "I believe one should fight for what one believes. Provided one is absolutely sure one is absolutely right."

School of Rock – "I pledge allegiance... to the band... of Mr. Schneebly... and will not fight him... for creative control... and will defer to him on all issues related to the musical direction of the band."

Back to School – "Why don’t you come and see me sometime when you have no class?"

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How Long Do VHS Tapes Last?

Just like every other technology, video home system (VHS) recording tapes are being affected by technological change. Just as consumers become used to one form of home technology, a new and better technology comes along. Unfortunately, consumers have already recorded many precious moments on their VHS tapes and are increasingly finding that they do not have the same quality as the new technologies being offered today. In some cases, the tapes themselves are beginning to deteriorate. Generally, this deterioration takes place because of incorrect storage, but overall, it usually happens because the recording wears away the tape.

Going Digital

Like many other technologies, VHS tapes are becoming a victim of the digital conversion process. VHS tapes are analog recordings and, as such, will not last if the recording was from a video camera. Commercial movies will last quite a bit longer, but if they are home recordings, they will likely have a storage life of the order of one or two decades, depending on storage conditions.

What Can Be Done?

In many respects the VCR tape has gone the way of the cassette tape. There were plenty of uses for the basic function of the VCR tape, like recording TV shows, but the focus has completely shifted to digital recording devices. The tapes themselves may be around for a while longer, but the machines to play them will likely be gone first. Transferring the VHS images to a digital form becomes the only recourse if you wish to save precious events like an important soccer game or a birthday party.

Will Technological Innovation Ever End?

It is unlikely that it will ever become unnecessary to transfer recordings from one technology to another. Technology just does not stay still. Right now, you need to transfer your VHS tape data to a digital form of a certain format. Five to ten years down the road you will likely be doing the same thing all over again. In a way, it is sort of like death, taxes, and data transfer! Fortunately, there are businesses like HOME VIDEO STUDIO in Visalia that will be happy to do the transferring for you.

Transferring VHS data

Home Video Studio ® in Visalia specializes in VHS to DVD transfer!

Bring us your old home movies and video tapes - we'll transfer them to DVD for you. VHS, VHS-C, BETA, 8mm video, Mini DV, and of course, your old 8mm and 16mm movies. Here is more information about our Video to DVD Transfer services. We call it HVS DVD Deluxe. The Home Video Studio DVD Deluxe system includes:
    Transfer video to Platinum DVD
  • We'll put your video onto a Platinum Archival DVD.
  • Every DVD has scene selection "smart chapter markers". Our proprietary DVD Deluxe system detects where your video camera stopped and started or the scene changed. Chapter markers are placed at these points so you can easily skip through your finished DVD.
  • We have many themes to choose from so if this is your wedding from six years ago or your baby's birth from six months ago, we will choose the appropriate theme.
  • Ask about an upgrade to our album case with custom insert and thumbnail photos of your video on the outside.

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