Thursday, November 1, 2012

HVS Top Five Sports Highlight Video Tips

1. Scout your position(s) and look for different angles.

It's always more interesting to have a selection of angles. Try to shoot from the center of the court or field (high up), sidelines, end zones, etc. Also, for day games make sure the sun is behind you.

2. Use a tripod.
A tripod ensures a steady, un-jumpy shot and a nice, level picture. If you are shooting from the bleachers with a tripod position two of the three legs on the lower step and the other - shortened by 10 inches or so to level things up - on the upper step.

3. Record the whole game.
The beauty of sports is that they are unpredictable. Record the whole game while your subject is on the field so you don't miss anything. In most cases, you will want to record several games to give you the widest possible selection of plays.

4. Get extra video footage.
Additional shots always make your video more interesting. A short interview with the player before or after the game, establishment shots of the stadium, the scoreboard, the crowd, the mascots, the cheerleaders – these all contribute to the whole story and make your Sports Highlight video more fun.

5. Check your work early.
At the first game break, check your footage to see what it looks like and that you have audio. Make any necessary adjustments. Remember, the teams won't replay the game because you didn't get what you wanted!

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