Wednesday, July 19, 2017

HVSN Top 5 "It could only happen in Summer" Movies

HVSN Top 5 "It could only happen in Summer" Movies

Jaws - It’s cruel when a summer blockbuster warns us “Don’t go in the water.” Fear plays well in July.

Dirty Dancing - A girl of privilege falls for a lowly dance instructor during a summer in the Catskills. July is a time for your “First dance. First love. The time of your life.”

Sandlot - July is the time to make lifelong friends at the baseball field - a “piece of paradise a half block wide and a whole summer long.”

Vacation - A summer Griswold trip across the country to a theme park. “What could go wrong?”

Stand by Me - A long journey, a mortal enemy, a body to discover. Summer makes the best coming of age movies. “For some, it's the last real taste of innocence, and the first real taste of life. But for everyone, it's the time that memories are made of.”

You WIN as HVSN Studios Vie for Video Awards

The Oscar. The Emmy. The Tony. The Grammy. All bring to mind a highly coveted award given to acknowledge excellence and craftsmanship. Did you know there is an award for the best video creations within our international network? It's called The Hanley and is affectionately named after Home Video Studio's Founder and President, Robert Hanley.
At the end of July Studio Owners in the HVS Network will assemble for their annual convention in Tucson, Arizona. This marks the 17th consecutive year of “The Getaway” – a time of fellowship, comparing notes, and classes to learn the latest in video technology. The five-day event will be capped off with the annual Hanley Awards ceremony to recognize our members' video excellence in several different categories.
Although it's great to win awards and gain recognition much of the impetus behind these awards is to sharpen skills to better serve YOU, our customer. Video technology is always changing, and we are dedicated to staying on the cutting edge – and vying for a coveted “Hanley” is a great way to exercise our video muscles. Here are a few of the several awards that will be claimed and what they mean to our existing and future customers.
Best PhotoVideo Keepsake –Do you have a special event coming up? Birthday? Anniversary? Retirement? There is still nothing as powerful as your own photos combined with music to make a masterpiece to honor a loved one! That's why we recognize the best among our peers in this category.
Best Documentary – Is there a person you know whose life story would enrich all who knew it? Telling the story of a real event or person is an art. Combining still photos, video, old film, narration and/or help tell this story. We recognize the best in artfully managing all this media.
Cut and Paste Award for Editing – Do you have video that needs to be boiled down to present a message? Maybe it's simple, like the best scenes from your summer vacation. Maybe it's more complex, like Great Grandpa's 110 Year Life. But how you choose to present images, sound, and effects to serve your story are important. That's why we recognize the best in editing with a “Hanley”.
Best Event Video – There are many events in one's life worthy of documenting, whether a professional business meeting or convention, or your child's dance recital. These events require planning and being on the ball to get the best video possible. And you get you get one chance. The Home Video Studio Network recognizes excellence in this type of video.
Best Sports Scholarship Video – More and more coaches rely on video to begin the scholarship process. Do you have a child who is athletically gifted? We know what coaches are looking for in these Scholarship videos. We present this award to the studio who best presents a student-athlete's talent on a silver platter.
President's Award: Best in Show – This is the big one all of our studios want! It transcends category and is picked among all the winners.
The competition is tough. The requirements are stringent. The trophy is impressive. But the real value of the Hanley is summed up by its namesake, Robert Hanley: "The value to our studios and ultimately their customers lies in the process of entering and competing. In our industry one thing is certain - video technology is always evolving. With video on computers, cell phones, digital screens and the Internet, it is essential to keep up with it all! And the best way to keep sharp and up-to-date is with a little friendly competition among our colleagues."
Whether you have video tape that needs to be transferred to DVD, 8mm and 16mm film that needs transferring to DVD, Photokeepsakes, Sports Scholarship Videos or the many other services we provide rest assured your project is in the hands of the industry's best - perhaps even a Hanley winner.

No one is more dedicated to consistent growth and professionalism than the Home Video Studio Network. Call us today!