Monday, June 29, 2015

Video Editing for Personal & Business by Home Video Studio

HVS: Video Editing for Personal and Business

Do you have several family videos that you want to put together into a single project? Are you a business owner with old video and/or photos that, with a little polish, would make a good promotional piece? If you have the visuals we can make them into something special. These days editing is easy, affordable, and available to everyone.
You might ask, “What is editing?” Video editing is simply arranging and enhancing your video clips to tell a story. What if you have separate videos of your three kids all leaving for their first day of kindergarten? What if you put them all together in one piece showing the inevitable and bittersweet passage of time? That's editing! What if you added voiceover of yourself reading a poem in the background? Now you're a regular Spielberg! You can see how this could get addictive.
Editing allows you to tell a story. People are drawn to stories. When you edit you are creating something more interesting than just random video clips.
Editing sustains interest. It will make your videos concise and have a point. For example, "Our Family at the Lake" - showing quick shots of your family on the beach complete with beach music is much more enjoyable than hours of raw video footage.
Editing is fun and creative. It's a way for you to put your spin and creative touch on something or someone you love.
You've probably watched enough television and movies to know what editing techniques are effective. Here are a few:
  • Transitions - Have you ever noticed a scene fade in? Or a video that slowly goes to black at the end? Those are simple transitions.
  • Color correction - Was your wedding shot in a dark church? Is your wedding dress more blue than white? Color correction is an easy way to address many issues like this.
  • Titles - Does your daughter have a sports video that needs vital information like her position, number, weight, GPA, etc. on it? Does your son want composers' names on his musical recital video? Putting titles in your videos is no sweat.
  • Music - Nothing is more effective and powerful than appropriate music on your videos.
  • Voiceover - Have you ever seen a 50th wedding anniversary photo keepsake with the husband reading a poem he wrote while they were courting? We have. Not a dry eye in the house.
  • Effects - Special effects like slow motion, fast motion, or blur are relatively simple these days.
When it comes to editing we say: Whatever you can imagine we can most likely achieve. When you bring your editing project to us here's a very basic map:

We'll remove footage you don't want
It may sound simple but the first step is just getting rid of video that's not essential to your story.

We'll find what you do want
This is the beginning of the fun - finding the creamy caramel center of your project.

We'll craft a story
This is the most crucial part of your editing and the reason you're doing it. Are you concentrating on chronology, subject, location, etc?

We'll add some "cool" stuff
This is the icing on the cake. Music, effects, titles, etc. are fun and put the finishing touch on.

Whether you are a business owner or have personal videos call us today. Let's team up and create something special from your video clips. Call us today to schedule an editing consultation and session!

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