Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Marketing Home Video Studio

Do I get into peoples faces?  Do I go around and put business cards into door jams?  Do I go and hand out cards at high school football games?  Do I mail out post cards to random business?  Questions questions.  Some of these methods I have resented in the past.  I won't do them.  My real marketing method trained to me by Home Video Studio is not to go out and shove anything into peoples faces but to introduce myself to people, let them see me for what I'm about and then reveal my business.  This method actually works wonderfully, as long as I go out and do it.  Sometimes I see an opportunity to meet someone and I feel as if I may be getting in their way or something.  Just get over it and move forward!

Lets Roll!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Here goes the first one!

ARTSVDO.  It stands for Arts VIDEO Services.  This was the name I came up with in July 2005 when I joined a company called Home Video Studio Inc.  I attended what they call a Show n Tell presentation of how wonderful and lucrative owning a video services business could be.  And I bought it hook, line and sinker.  Little did I know, it would be three years later when I finally came up with the money to start the business but by then, HVSI was now a franchise.  During those three years, the thought of having this business never left me.  It was alway on my mind.  In fact, when my wife, Lina and I decided to pool our resources into having a new house built, the plan we decided on included an extra bedroom with the intention of it being my office/workroom.  So I moved forward with purchasing into the franchise.  And now you have Home Video Studio - Visalia, Ca!

Home Video Studio is the largest international franchise that offers professional video production and post - production services to consumers and corporate clients alike. Our studios utilize the latest in computer video technology that is used in the making of Hollywood movies and network television.

We specialize in top quality video editing, video to DVD transfer and duplication, photo/video keepsakes, home movie transfers and much more. Whether you need one DVD copy tonight, 20 copies tomorrow, or even 200 copies next week, we can serve your needs. Home Video Studio guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Home Video Studio offers free pick-up and delivery service. You are also welcome to bring in your video project yourself to one of our studio locations in the United States, Canada and one in Sweden.

Talk to you soon!