Monday, November 4, 2013

November already?

Can you believe it's November?  Ready or not the Holiday season is upon us and we want to make things easy for you this year.  Are you looking for a unique and heartfelt gift idea?  What better Holiday gifts for family and friends than precious memories transferred to DVDs? 

Do you have priceless old tapes scattered about and in a variety of different formats?  Do you have old 8mm, Super8 or 16mm home movies in your basement, garage or attic?  What about slides and photographs?  Special moments weren't captured to be lying around in the dark!!  They were meant to be viewed and enjoyed!

Imagine those treasures organized into one convenient, durable and attractive package!  Imagine the appreciation your loved ones will have for this one-of-a-kind gift.  And so easy - because we'll do all the work.  You just drop them by!   

There is still time to have this done, but time is of the essence. But don't delay - Call to make an appointment today!