Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sports Highlights Videos - You Shoot - We Edit - You Score!

Sports Highlights Videos - You Shoot - We Edit - You Score! 

Remember the famous television introduction: "...the thrill of victory...the agony of defeat...the human drama of athletic competition..."? Thrills. Agonies. Drama. Hmm, this sounds like the stuff great videos are made of!

That's why now is a great time for you to think about your own Sports Highlights Video. Your child's football and soccer season is winding down. What will you do with all that video you shot?  Are you capturing spectacular catches and ferocious tackles with your camera? Basketball and hockey are just around the corner. Are you ready?

We love to relive our personal "great sports moments." Sinking that birdie on six. Our daughter's sneaking a shot past the goalie. Our son's diving catch on the turf. And with a Sports Highlights Video we can use your photos, film, and video tape to create unique DVD's with action, motion, special effects, and music that bring great sports moments to life once again. Or, if you prefer, we can shoot it for you as well.

Once we have your clips it's all up to your imagination! With advanced editing we can use highlight arrows, isolation techniques, quick cuts, slow motion, stop action, high energy music, narration...the possibilities are limitless. In the end you will have a Sports Highlights presentation that will make you think you're watching SportsCenter!

Finally we can provide professional packaging with an attractive label and DVD cover, as well as a DVD menu with thumbnail chapters. Your high school and college sports, your kids' sports, bowling leagues, softball games, Little League, CYO and Boys and Girls Club basketball - all edited into a neat DVD that you will enjoy and show again and again.

When it comes to Sports Highlights on DVD, no one does it better. Call us today! You'll be surprised what we can do. Relive your and your loved one's sports memories by the game, by the season or by the career. And don't forget  these make great gifts for parents, grandparents, and other relatives.

Don't miss a play! Call us today!!

Sports Scholarship & Highlight Videos
Is your child an exceptional athlete? Do you have the pictures to prove it? Home Video Studio can turn your child's sports highlights into a slick, professional Sports Scholarship video. Coaches and athletic directors will take notice when you send them this video showing your student athlete in motion.
In the competitive world of college and professional sports, you need to market your son or daughter's athletic abilities. Sports Scholarship videos are an excellent way to showcase their talents to recruiters. 

This video may be the deciding factor as to whether your child gets college scholarship money or not.

Parents don't delay! Contact Home Video Studio today to make a Sports Scholarship video. 

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