Tuesday, November 27, 2012

HVS Top Five Holiday Video Tips

HVS Top Five Holiday Video Tips
From Thanksgiving all the way to New Year's camcorders will be rolling and recording all of the action. Your holiday videos will have a better flow and story if you include very simple on-camera interviews rather than just recording the event.
Here are five simple interview prompts (three questions and two "tell me's") for kids or adults that will establish your shots and make the video more enjoyable for years to come.

1. "What day is it and where are we?" (e.g. "It's Thanksgiving at Grandma's", "It's Christmas at Uncle Jim's")

2 "What are you doing?" (e.g."We're getting ready to open presents.", "Dad's cutting the turkey."

3. "What are you excited about? What are you thankful for?" (e.g. "To see what Santa brought." , "A brand new year.")

After the event or scene:
4. "Tell me about it"... (the gift opening, the meal, etc)

"How did you feel"... (when you saw the doll, when the meal ended, etc)

These simple interview questions will serve as a foundation, whether you edit or not, for a more interesting video.

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