Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Shower the People You Love with Video Gifts!

Shower the People You Love with Video Gifts!

It’s April! After a long march through March it kinda’ puts some spring in your step doesn’t’ it? Now remember, there are some red-letter days just around the corner where you have occasion to celebrate your loved ones, and the perfect centerpiece to these events is a Photo Video Keepsake. What are your plans for:

  • Mother's day? Nothing will move Mom and everyone who loves her like a powerful celebration of her life in photos and music. This is a perfect way to honor her with a gift that will last for generations!
  • Graduation? A “birth to graduation” montage is the best way to say “I’m proud of you!” Photos, videos, certificates, first grade, first communion, first date....all in a unique and creative presentation.
  • Anniversaries? Been married one year or sixty? How moving would a tribute to your beloved be as your time together is captured through images, video and music?

How does a Photo Video Keepsake work?
We use photos, videos, and/or slides of the honoree (as many as you like) along with your choice of appropriate music. We usually add beginning and ending titles to the production, then we put it all on a DVD or a video file for easy viewing.

Will they like it?

Only if they enjoy being honored in the most amazing way imaginable. Photo Video Keepsakes are:

  • Personal - Keepsakes are the perfect way to put anyone in the spotlight. What will highlight a special day more than favorite photos and inspiring music? Each Keepsake is a unique story - a customized testimony to your loved one.
  • Powerful - What better way to say "I love you" or "I'm proud of you" or "I'd do it again" than with the power of image and sound?
  • Portable – Photo Video Keepsakes are viewable anywhere you can watch video. Homes, offices, auditoriums, fellowship halls… they are the perfect way to honor anyone, anytime and anywhere.
  • Practical - Keepsakes make great gifts, not just for the subject, but for all your loved ones. Easily duplicated. Easily labeled.

"This sounds great! What do I do next?"

  1. Call us and let's make an appointment - Why not today? Don’t delay. Make it the best!
  2. Start selecting your photos - We always say this step is way too much fun, so don't spend too much time on each photo. Zero in on the photos that tell your story.
  3. Sort your photos - you may want to present them chronologically, by subject...you decide.
  4. Number your photos - Don't use a pen! Post-it's work well.
  5. Come by and let's get started!

And don’t forget all our other services that may come in handy this time of year as well, including tape transfers, home movie transfers, slide transfer, and editing.
Call or text us today!

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