Tuesday, April 19, 2016

HVS Top 5 Editing Moments

HVS Top 5 Editing Moments

We take editing for granted in every movie we see these days, and even in our own personal video projects. But just think, a long time ago someone edited a movie for the first time. Here are a few important moments in editing history.

Annie Hall - We mention Annie Hall because it is a supreme example of how creative editing can change the whole face of a movie. Initially shot as a murder mystery, with a little snip here and a cut there (and a name change) became a quirky rom-com. Now that’s editing!

Porky’s Hare - This features a rabbit named “Happy” who was created by Ben “Bugs” Hardaway. One day an animator relabeled the rabbit “Bugs’ Bunny” because it belonged to Ben. And the rest is history.

Ben Hur - A giant step in editing action sequences to make a chariot race look awesome. Still looks good to this day!

Battleship Potemkin - The baby carriage rolling down long steps is an oft-copied sequence that became the great grandfather of modern suspense editing.

The Godfather – A great example of flashback scene editing as Michael recalls his actions during a baptism scene.

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