Tuesday, April 19, 2016

HVS Top 5 Romantic Movies

HVS Top 5 Romantic Movies

Stories of romance are the staple of memorable movies. We thought we’d give you our version of the Top Five Romantic Movies of All Time. Watch one, or all, in the next few weeks!

An American socialite and a vagabond artist are drawn together on a luxurious ocean liner sailing her maiden voyage. These two unlikely lovers develop a bond in a short time and are so devoted that each is willing to sacrifice their own life for the other. Now that’s romance.

The Notebook
Neither time, war, sickness, or other suitors can ultimately interfere with this story of a love that endures through the years.

An Affair to Remember

A budding romance between two lovers is cut short when, on the way to a planned rendezvous atop the Empire State Building, the woman is struck by a car. The man, thinking she didn’t show up because she’d lost interest, moves on with life. They accidentally meet. Will the truth come out?

Somewhere in Time
This romantic classic has it all. Love, eternity, self-hypnosis, time travel and a villain who tries to keep Richard and Elise apart for the sake of money. Love wins.

A tale of unexpected love that becomes sacrificial love this classic has become iconic. Great lead characters, lines we remember and recite, and a memorable theme song make this Bogey classic one for the ages.

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