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Back to School means Video/DVD/DVA Memories

Back to School means Video/DVD/DVA Memories

This time of year is chock full of moments to remember. Summer is winding down. You probably took
lots of video and photographs over the summer - at the beach, family reunions, pool parties and camping. Back to school activities are heating up. Your probably going to take lots of back to school photos and videos - new clothes, new friends, football games and cheerleading. Here are a few ideas of things we can do at Home Video Studio to help you preserve those moments as well as present them on a silver platter.

Family Time Video: Why not spice up your videos with themes, titles and music? What if you took the best video from that family reunion and added titles showing who attended? How about editing that summer pool party with some fast cuts and great music? Your imagination is the limit to how you can creatively turn video into your own creation.

Photo Video Keepsake: This is still one our most popular services. Can you imagine the impact of a montage of photos and stirring music showing your daughter or grandson from birth to first day of school? How about a time capsule of school pictures?

Sports Highlight Video: Fast becoming a favorite! Back to school means lots of athletic competition. Now is the time to capture you son or daughter's games on video so that at the end of the year we can help you condense it into a fast paced video production. Music, slow motion, special're the producer!

Video to DVD Transfers: Bring us all videos you've shot over the summer - we'll transfer them to an Archival DVD for you. This will keep them safe and convenient. These DVDs are scratch resistant and will keep your memories for a lifetime. Every DVD has scene selection "smart chapter markers" so you can easily find your favorite spots.

Video to DVA Transfers: While we still transfer video to Platinum Archival DVDs, more and more of our customers are opting for DVADVA is the newest thing and the best way to go in our opinion. Plus with DVA you do not need to order copies. You can instant share with anyone on the planet for free! It's safe, secure, private, and ultra-convenient. You can edit and privately share online through your Digital Video Archive account. It's easy to see why the DVA is rapidly replacing DVD as the media of choice for our customersWith your new DVA account, you can manage, edit, modify and view your movies and videos.  You'll want to invite your friends and family to set up their own (free) DVA accounts. This will give them access to the DVAs you would like for them to see and enjoy. Every DVA has smart chapter markers with thumbnail images, just like the old DVDs, so you and your viewers will be able to fully experience each of your videos. 
Also, with your new Digital Video Archive account you can immediately begin uploading your own personal videos and smartphone video. You'll be able share these videos with your friends and family as well. Plus, your friends and family will receive their own Digital Video Archive account when you invite them. They will want to upload their videos too. Soon you'll have new DVAs from them to watch as well! 
Home Video Studio-Visalia is a Digital Video Archive Authorized Representative
Our DVA Deluxe transfer system uses professional encoding which ensures maximum quality and a great viewing experience whether you are viewing on your smartphone or your huge home theatre screen.

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FamilyTIME Videos ™
Make your child the star of his or her own video! Home Video Studio will create a FamilyTIME™ Video that features the video highlights that you select of "your star"! Perhaps it's a "Baby's First Year" video, a "Sweet 16" video, or even a "How We Spent Our Summer Vacation" video. Home Video Studio will add music, titles, special effects, and produce a three- to five-minute professional video for you.

FamilyTIME™ Videos make wonderful gifts for long distance friends and family, siblings, and as keepsakes to store for your children when they grow up. You could even make a FamilyTIME" Video for yourself and you can be the star! 

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