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Sports Videos. Your own NFL Films-like production in any sport!

Sports action is made for video.

Action, color, drama, and excitement all make for great video stories, whether it's basketball, hockey, soccer, baseball, or any other sport. But the great granddaddy of sports drama is NFL Films. They still lead the way in telling and retelling us mesmerizing legends of the playing field: impossible dreams, long quests, gritty action in all kinds of settings, bitter defeat, and glorious victory.

If you're even a casual fan of pro football you've seen the meticulous production and editing that turn a football game into a ballet, an opera, or a battle between the Persians and the Spartans. Surely you've heard the deep baritone voice of the late John Facenda speak of "the frozen tundra of Green Bay", or a Robert Frost-like poem accompanying the sights of large grown men playing a boy's game. This style - often mimicked and parodied - is the face of the NFL.

What makes these productions so intriguing? Did you know that with today's editing software you can create your own great moments in any sport in dramatic style? We specialize in editing your sports footage into Sports Highlight Videos. Here are just a few of the elements we see in big time NFL Films productions that we can approximate with your sports action:

  • A soft, arty "film" look that tugs the emotions
  • Lots of slow motion.
  • Lots of sound - from the field, the sidelines, the locker room, etc.
  • Booming narrations quoting literature greats like Shakespeare, Frost, and Browning
  • Signature camera shots, tight on the ball, jump cuts, close ups, multiple cameras
  • Dubbed sound bites of enthusiastic local broadcasts over key plays
  • Very macho, muscular music scores

Are the cameras rolling at your local sporting events? The field of athletic competition produces some of the best memories of our lives, and the lives of our children. You have the human drama of athletic competition in your hands as well. What are you doing with it? Where are your son's Little League games? Or your daughter's soccer matches? Or your bowling league? Or your well-played charity golf tournament? Don't let them sit in cameras or in drawers! It's time to make a play and turn these into interesting stories! Let us help you bring all your great sports moments to life!

It's all up to your imagination. We can create highlight arrows, isolation techniques, quick cuts, slow motion, stop action, high energy music, narration...the possibilities are limitless. But in the end you'll have your own "NFL Films" production!

Speaking of video and sports, another of our specialties is a Sports Scholarship Video. More and more coaches use these videos to begin the sports scholarship process. No matter the sport, one thing is sure: There may only get one chance in the Sports Scholarship arena. We know how to do it right!

Do you have good video that shows your athlete in their best light? Coaches will make choices in ten seconds or less to stay or move on. Do you know what they're looking for?

  • A sports scholarship video must be concise and to the point. Our editing skills and equipment assure this.
  • A sports scholarship video must include your name, contact information, school, position, uniform colors, jersey number and current grade level. We can do this correctly and make it look sharp.
  • Don't forget the packaging. The greatest Sports Scholarship video in the world will be passed over if it doesn't look appealing. We know how to package videos with labeling that looks great.

There's a lot that goes into a Sports Scholarship video. Maybe more than you feel comfortable doing yourself! We are able to provide all the elements to present your student athlete in their most favorable light - from shooting your athlete in action to using your video to edit or any step along the way.

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Sports Scholarship Videos
Is your child an exceptional athlete? Do you have the pictures to prove it? We can turn your child's sports highlights into a slick, professional Sports Scholarship video. Coaches and athletic directors will take notice when you send them this video showing your student athlete in motion. In the competitive world of college and professional sports, you need to market your son or daughter's athletic abilities. Sports Scholarship videos are an excellent way to showcase their talents to recruiters. This video may be the deciding factor as to whether your child gets college scholarship money or not.  
Parents don't delay! Contact us today to make a Sports Scholarship video!

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