Sunday, August 21, 2016

Home Video Studio-Visalia: Top 5 Tips for Shooting Sports Action

Do you want to shoot video of a child, or a team for a sports highlight keepsake or even a scholarship video? Here are some time tested tips for shooting sports action. 

Good conditions - If you have a choice wait for a day with bright sun, little wind and no rain. Low light is your least favorable condition, and high winds will mess with sound as well as annoy you. Remember, the sunlight is your best friend as long as it’s behind you. Shooting into it sun will give you washed out footage.

Use a tripod - It may be bothersome to set up and place for all your shots but it’s worth the effort. There is nothing more distracting in a video production than a shaky image.

Avoid the zoom - How often do you see a quick zoom in movies, TV shows or live events? Hardly ever. The zoom button is there to frame your shot, not to simulate being closer. If you need a closer shot get closer to the action.

Pay attention to the sound - One of the most neglected aspects of shooting your own sports video is the sound quality. Most built-in microphones don’t do well in wind, causing the ambient sound at the event to be lost. Choose a camera that accommodates an external microphone. These usually have a foam sleeve to cut wind noise.

Watch your subject matter: keep a broad view – Even if there is one person you’re concentrating on (a child, relative, etc.) film and frame the action around them. They need a context. (By the same token, as the cameraperson resist the urge to cheer. Be a discreet presence.)

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