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Call us for Sports Videos: We Got Game

Call us for Sports Videos: We Got Game

You probably shoot a lot of your life on video these days. There are family get-togethers, plays and performances, vacations, you name it. But if there was ever an activity made for video it’s sports action. At our studio we produce two types of sports videos. One we call a Sports Highlights Video and the other a Sports Scholarship Video.

Sports Highlight Videos
A three point buzzer beater. An eighteenth hole birdie. A “hail Mary” caught in the end zone as time expires. Sports action happens quickly. Is it on tape? Why not make that moment, and all your sports moments, lifetime memories? A sports highlight video is a specially produced memento that, whether personal or for your booster club, can be entertaining, inspiring, and maybe raise a little money as well.

We can help you with Sports Center-like effects. Add slow motion or fast motion. Isolate a particular athlete (like yourself?) or point them out with arrows and stop action. Add titles and, of course, some appropriate music. Put in some narration. Mix in newspaper headlines. There’s play by play audio. Interviews. Pre-game speeches and post-game jubilation!

What kind of story do you want to tell? The story of a high school team’s great season? The legend of your senior golf buddies? What about highlighting a special young soccer player? Maybe you’ll even want a blooper reel! We often say: “If your creative mind can conceive it, we can most likely achieve it.” So get your sterling sports moments together. You’ll soon have a personalized sports spectacular presented on a silver platter.

Sports Scholarship Videos
A Sports Scholarship is a specialty video with one purpose: To convince a decision maker that the subject is worthy of consideration for an athletic scholarship. No matter the sport one thing is sure: There may only get one chance in the Sports Scholarship arena. We know how to do it right!

  • Do you have good video that shows your athlete in their best light? Coaches will make choices in ten seconds or less to stay or move on. Do you know what they’re looking for?
  • A sports scholarship video must be concise and to the point. Our editing skills and equipment assure this.
  • A sports scholarship video must include your name, contact information, school, position, uniform colors, jersey number and current grade level. We can do this correctly and make it look sharp.
  • Don't forget the packaging. The greatest Sports Scholarship video in the world will be passed over if it doesn’t look appealing. We know how to package videos with labeling that looks great.
There’s a lot that goes into a Sports Scholarship video. Maybe more than you feel comfortable doing yourself! We are able to provide all the elements to present your student athlete in their most favorable light - from shooting your athlete in action to using your video to edit or any step along the way.

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Top Five Sports Movie Tunes

A great musical theme is what keeps a movie in the cultural psyche for generations. How do you know if it’s a great one? For starters you’ll be able to whistle it thirty years later, or more! In keeping with our theme of Sports Videos here are five of the greatest sports movie tunes that are still being whistled today.

Theme from Rocky – Still the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. How many times have you laced up your running shoes (or maybe just got out of bed) with this theme running through your head?

Theme from The Natural – Those majestic strains (Da-da-daaaa, dum-dum-duuum) still make the hair on the back of your neck stand don’t they? C’mon, admit it!

Theme from Chariots of Fire – The perfect slow motion running song. Where does it take you?

I Believe I Can Fly – Space Jam was an NBA PR piece disguised as a movie, and boy did the kids love it!

Eye of the Tiger – Yes, Rocky gets two great tunes! From Rocky III came this song of desire, redemption, and wild animals.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Back to School means Video to DVA and DVD Memories

This time of year is chock full of moments to remember. Summer is winding down. You probably took lots of video and photographs over the summer - at the beach, family reunions, pool parties and camping. Back to school activities are heating up. Your probably going to take lots of back to school photos and videos - new clothes, new friends, football games and cheerleading. Here are a few ideas of things we can do at Home Video Studio to help you preserve those moments as well as present them on a silver platter. 

Family Time Video: Why not spice up your videos with themes, titles and music? What if you took the best video from that family reunion and added titles showing who attended? How about editing that summer pool party with some fast cuts and great music? Your imagination is the limit to how you can creatively turn video into your own creation. 

Photo Video Keepsake: This is still one our most popular services. Can you imagine the impact of a montage of photos and stirring music showing your daughter or grandson from birth to first day of school? How about a time capsule of school pictures? 

Sports Highlight Video: Fast becoming a favorite! Back to school means lots of athletic competition. Now is the time to capture you son or daughter's games on video so that at the end of the year we can help you condense it into a fast paced video production. Music, slow motion, special effects....you're the producer! 

Video to DVA or DVD Transfers: Bring us all videos you've shot over the summer - we'll transfer them to Digital Video Archive (DVA) or an Archival DVD for you. This will keep them safe and convenient. These DVDs are scratch resistant and will keep your memories for a lifetime. Every DVD has scene selection "smart chapter markers" so you can easily find your favorite spots. Call us today to see how we can help you with back to school video savings!
More on FamilyTIME Videos ™
Make your child the star of his or her own video! Home Video Studio will create a FamilyTIME™ Video that features the video highlights that you select of "your star"! Perhaps it's a "Baby's First Year" video, a "Sweet 16" video, or even a "How We Spent Our Summer Vacation" video. Home Video Studio will add music, titles, special effects, and produce a three- to five-minute professional video for you.
FamilyTIME™ Videos make wonderful gifts for long distance friends and family, siblings, and as keepsakes to store for your children when they grow up. You could even make a FamilyTIME" Video for yourself and you can be the star! 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

2015 Hanley Award Nominee for Best Short Video

nicholas and vanessa wedding day teaser 
by Arthur Zepeda on Vimeo.

2015 Hanley Award Nominee for Best Short Video

HVS Top 5 Edited Scenes

HVS Top 5 Edited Scenes
Like we said, editing helps tell the story. Here are our all-time top 5 edits. Naturally there are thousands to choose from and your opinion may differ.

Ben Hur – Chariot race. Although this movie is “ancient” it’s still exciting. What a combination of long shots, close-ups, stuntmen, and mannequins to make you think you’re in a Roman coliseum!

Psycho – Shower scene. In order to get around movie codes this murder scene had to use 78 pieces of film in 45 seconds: the head, the hand, parts of the torso, shadow on the curtain, the shower drain, etc. The result was an editing masterpiece.

French Connection – Chase scene. Never had there been a car chase scene like this one. Makes you dizzy just remembering it!

Raging Bull – Fight scenes. Poetry interspersing the violence of boxing as beauty. Moving the movie story along and representing Jake LaMotta’s life. Some say the best ever.

Apocolypse Now – Whole movie. Apparently the shooting was, to put it mildly, chaotic. It took editing miracles to piece a story together, let alone the masterpiece this movie became.

Top Five Drive-in movies

Whether you’re too young to have experienced them, or you’re old enough to regard them as a distant memory, drive-ins are still around and are a great summer fun activity. So find one near you and enjoy! A good drive-in movie should be fun, over-the-top, and a little bit cheesy. Here’s our top five. 

Attack of the 50 ft. Woman - An alien attack, a philandering husband, and a 50 foot jealous wealthy heiress. Now this is the stuff of drive-in movies!

The Abominable Dr. Phibes - Dr. Phibes - a doctor, scientist, musician, and Bible expert – seeks revenge on the 9 people he holds responsible for the death of his wife by eliminating them according to the 10 Plagues of Egypt found in Genesis. Revenge of Biblical proportions makes for good drive-in stuff.

The Blob - This is a drive-in sci-fi classic. Teenagers Steve and his best girl Jane try to protect their hometown from an alien that looks like your grandma’s jello dessert and engulfs everything it touches.

Blue Hawaii - No “best of” drive-in list is complete without an Elvis movie. Like all Elvis movies: 1) Elvis finds himself in an exotic location, 2) finds a pretty girl, 3) hijinks ensues, 4) loses girl and 5) gets the girl with a promise of happily ever after.

Grease - Memorable songs. Teen age situations. Loveable characters. Grease is just fun, silly high school entertainment – even if the teens are all in their late twenties.

Photo, Video & Document Alert! Call on Savers of the Family Archives

In our business we see and hear of true stories like this frequently:

 Betty brought in thousands of feet of 8mm film to be transferred. It was obvious from her meticulous packing and careful labeling that this collection was her pride and joy. Memories dating as far back as 1940 included birthdays, weddings, vacations, and school activities. As the canisters containing the film were opened it was discovered that over half of the film had turned to powder due to improper storage. Imagine her disappointment!

 Most of Jim's VHS tapes were unplayable. Subject to an apartment fire they were, if not hunks of molten plastic, at the least misshapen and unable to fit inside a VCR. Through extraction of the tape from the cartridges and lots of TLC at least half of the precious contents were recovered. Imagine his relief!

 We have a mission to protect your family's heritage and invaluable documents. That's why we call ourselves "Savers of the Family Archives." We have seen the effects that natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and fires have on your life's legacy. We know what time and elements can silently do to your most valuable treasures. Take steps today and let us help you save all of your photos, videos, documents, mementos, and important papers to a disaster-proof format. This is your insurance. The value of preserving these precious items is priceless.

 How do you get started? The first step is to get organized. Where are your photos, videos, and 8mm/and 16mm film? Are they in random boxes, in old albums, unmarked flash drives, on your cell phone, or on an old computer? Where are your important papers? Are they in one place? Don't forget that, as Savers of the Family Archives, we make house calls and can help you categorize your family's artifacts. In addition to all of the memories, there are some very practical documents and records that need to be safeguarded as well.

These might include:
  • Birth Certificates 
  • Property titles 
  • Citizenship papers 
  • Military records 
  • Social Security Cards 
  • Bank accounts 
  • Wills 
  • Insurance policies 
  • Passports Powers of attorney 
  • Marriage certificates 
  • Family tree 
Once saved you will have all the important "stuff" of your life organized on a small, easy and convenient medium ready to be stored in one safe place. Wouldn't that be comforting to know? 

Another benefit of this process is that you now have instant access to all these important items in your possession. You can easily retrieve your favorite photos and make copies for loved ones. You can enjoy videos and film at the touch of a button, and, of course, your personal records are now preserved indefinitely, ready for uncomplicated access in case of an emergency.

 As Savers of the Family Archives we take your family's treasures very seriously. Call us today to preserve them for generations to come!

Call us or email us today! 


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Savers of the Family Archives ™
Don't let natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, floods or fires ruin your personal property. Take steps today to protect your priceless possessions like photographs, films, videos, memorabilia and personal documents.Home Video Studio's Savers of the Family Archives service was designed especially with this in mind. Our studios can copy everything digitally on DVD or on I-Pod for easy viewing and safekeeping. Don't wait for tragedy to strike before it's too late to save your treasured memories. Call Home Video Studio now!

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