Saturday, August 1, 2015

HVS Top 5 Edited Scenes

HVS Top 5 Edited Scenes
Like we said, editing helps tell the story. Here are our all-time top 5 edits. Naturally there are thousands to choose from and your opinion may differ.

Ben Hur – Chariot race. Although this movie is “ancient” it’s still exciting. What a combination of long shots, close-ups, stuntmen, and mannequins to make you think you’re in a Roman coliseum!

Psycho – Shower scene. In order to get around movie codes this murder scene had to use 78 pieces of film in 45 seconds: the head, the hand, parts of the torso, shadow on the curtain, the shower drain, etc. The result was an editing masterpiece.

French Connection – Chase scene. Never had there been a car chase scene like this one. Makes you dizzy just remembering it!

Raging Bull – Fight scenes. Poetry interspersing the violence of boxing as beauty. Moving the movie story along and representing Jake LaMotta’s life. Some say the best ever.

Apocolypse Now – Whole movie. Apparently the shooting was, to put it mildly, chaotic. It took editing miracles to piece a story together, let alone the masterpiece this movie became.

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