Saturday, August 1, 2015

Top Five Drive-in movies

Whether you’re too young to have experienced them, or you’re old enough to regard them as a distant memory, drive-ins are still around and are a great summer fun activity. So find one near you and enjoy! A good drive-in movie should be fun, over-the-top, and a little bit cheesy. Here’s our top five. 

Attack of the 50 ft. Woman - An alien attack, a philandering husband, and a 50 foot jealous wealthy heiress. Now this is the stuff of drive-in movies!

The Abominable Dr. Phibes - Dr. Phibes - a doctor, scientist, musician, and Bible expert – seeks revenge on the 9 people he holds responsible for the death of his wife by eliminating them according to the 10 Plagues of Egypt found in Genesis. Revenge of Biblical proportions makes for good drive-in stuff.

The Blob - This is a drive-in sci-fi classic. Teenagers Steve and his best girl Jane try to protect their hometown from an alien that looks like your grandma’s jello dessert and engulfs everything it touches.

Blue Hawaii - No “best of” drive-in list is complete without an Elvis movie. Like all Elvis movies: 1) Elvis finds himself in an exotic location, 2) finds a pretty girl, 3) hijinks ensues, 4) loses girl and 5) gets the girl with a promise of happily ever after.

Grease - Memorable songs. Teen age situations. Loveable characters. Grease is just fun, silly high school entertainment – even if the teens are all in their late twenties.

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