Thursday, October 11, 2012

Successful Vacation Videos

It's nearly summertime and that means family vacation time! What a great time to document the excitement and memories of your precious time together. And yet many vacationers forget their camera. Or, if they remember, they grab it at the last minute without the proper backup equipment. Get the most out of family funtime by being prepared! Here are a few tips:

To bring list:

Two sets of fully charged batteries with a charger
Lens cleaning cloth
Pen for labeling
Owners manual
Extension cord
Plastic bag for rain
White towel for sun shield
Protecting your camera:
Take the time to keep your camera safe. Both the camera itself and the video it captures are precious. Find a discreet bag that doesn't have Sony, Canon, etc. logos on it. Make sure it has plenty of padding. Also, purchase a strap in case you drop it.

Getting Through the Airport:
Can airport scanners corrupt your digital images stored on memory cards and flash drives? The overwhelming evidence is that memory cards are not affected. Some believe flash drives are a little less stable and could become corrupted. FYI: Film is the most volatile and a cause for concern. Needless to say, back up your work and if you are concerned see if your camera can be hand checked.
Shooting during your Vacation:
Shoot a lot of video with the intention of editing when you get back home. Don't wait for the perfect shot. Don't forget to include yourself in your videos. 
Be very careful at the beach. Salt spray and sand can do major damage. Keep your camera in a tightly closed plastic bag when not in use. Keep a log. 
Get interviews with your family as well as scenery. These videos of your family's impressions and memories of the day will enhance your enjoyment for years to come.
Keep the summer sun behind you so faces are not backlit. Use the "still picture" feature of your camera for still objects. Vary your points of view. You'll probably pan a lot. Pan slowly – allow your camera to drink in all the cool scenery you're shooting. Back up all your images and archive them when you get home.

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