Thursday, October 25, 2012

Got 35mm Slides? Slide on in to HVS and transfer them to DVD

It's the perfect time to digitize your slides

You hear a lot about getting your old print photographs digitized and stored on a medium that is safer, more efficient and less voluminous. But what about 35mm slides? All across this great land circular carousels are stacked in closets and attics. In homes from all corners of the globe little yellow boxes with slides have been sitting in the back of desk drawers for decades. Do you have any of these? Over time the images on these slides can begin to fade away, so you should take action to preserve them now and for generations to come. Your 35 mm slides are a goldmine of memories and notable events. We've seen slides that tell of a lifetime of family summer vacations. We've seen slides that chronicle the beginning days of a now-Fortune 500 business. We've seen slides that document a soldier's tour in Viet Nam. And the good news is that, just as today's scanning technology allows us to digitize photos it also allows us to achieve the same or better results digitizing slides in all their 35mm splendor! We take a hands-on approach to scanning and restoring your slides:
  • No batch-processing. Each image is scanned in high-resolution, cropped, color-corrected and restored. (in many cases even better than it ever was!)
  • Dirt, dust or scratches? We have the professional technology available to digitally "mend" many of the ravages of time and the elements.
  • Your slides never leave our sides! Did you know some in our business send your slides away? Sometimes as far away as India? Your slides will stay with us!
Here's how to get started:
  • Gather all your slides and come by. And don't worry about duplicates...if you have any we can take them out.
  • If you have loose slides put them in an aluminum foil box or a plastic wrap box.
  • If you have a lot of slides you may qualify for a quantity discount.
Once you get your slides digitized we will provide you:
  • A Photo video Keepsake - We'll edit your photos to our custom music track and create a unique keepsake on DVD.
  • A separate data DVD - All your images digitized in one place for easy archival, printing, etc.
  • Your original slides back - Everything is intact when we're finished and you can take your originals back.
We have the knowledge, the experience and the professional equipment to handle your 35mm slide project. We're also proud to say your slides will stay by our side! Call us today to find out more!!

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