Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Make Mom Happy with DVD Memories

Good News! Mother's Day is around the corner. Better News! You have the opportunity to express your love and appreciation to her in a way that is personal, unique and powerful. Best News! It's a phone call away!
Your Mom has always found creative ways to say "I Love You" like no other. Now you can return the favor with a special Mother's Day video that will be one of a kind! Here are just a few ideas:

A Mother's Day Photokeepsake - How about a photo montage for the whole family to enjoy? We can take your favorite photos of mom, add her favorite music and some titles and produce a masterpiece. It's easy to get started. First select the photos you want to include, then sort them by date, by event, by person or however you would like. Next choose some music that is appropriate. Then choose a simple opening and closing title.

A Message for Mom - Can you imagine mom's delight if her kids made a video message? A poetry reading, a song or just an impromptu speech of what mom means to them. We can create and edit to your hearts content to make it really special.

Videos Through the Years - You've shot video on vacation, school programs, recitals, camp, graduation, family reunions &..whew! That's a lot of video! And it's probably on a lot of formats. 8mm film, VHS tape, 8mm tape, Mini DV, Mini Disc&We can take all of your formats and organize it into something special for mom's special day. And what could be more gratifying to mom than seeing her kids grow up before her very eyes?

A mixture - We can help you do a mixture of any or all of these ideas for one spectacular production! Remember, we are the creative specialists. Whatever you can conceive we can most likely achieve.

Give us a call today so we can begin building a Mother's Day gift she won't soon forget!

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