Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring is DVD time for your young artist or performer

Your kids have practiced all year! Now its spring, a busy time for children's recitals, performances and presentations. Your grandkids have been rehearsing for months! Just think. You have school musicals, dance recitals, instrument recitals and school concerts. Now, before the curtain rises, make sure you're prepared to capture these once-in-a-lifetime events on video. And after the applause call us to help you present these performances on a silver platter.

Once you've captured the performance on tape here's how we can help:

First of all, let's get the content you have videoed transferred to DVD. Video transfers are our specialty!
Maybe you want to bundle several performances together onto one DVD. Has your child performed recitals or in programs over the years? What if you put them all on one DVD with titles depicting each year?
How about a snappy label with a photograph? Wouldn't a custom menu look great?
Would a portion of this performance be perfect in a PhotoKeepsake of your loved one?
Is your young artist is competing or vying for a scholarship? All the more reason to call us! More and more decision makers are relying on video submissions as a first step in any competition or scholarship. Your artists will be steps ahead with a well produced, edited video that showcases their skills.

And remember. If you want a professional shooting of a performance we can do that too! We have the experience and equipment to deliver high quality video and audio, and we will incorporate your input into our shooting style. Do you envision more than one camera combining different camera angles and placements? Your imagination is the limit as we shoot and produce these one time events!

The young people in your life spend countless hours preparing to perform. Make sure it is enjoyed for years to come! Call us today!

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