Thursday, August 19, 2010

Video Productions - A Great Way to Be Seen

Lights, Camera, Action!
Whether it's your corporate message or your family's memories Home Video Studio provides production services for a variety of applications. On the corporate side we can produce excellent videos for trade shows and expos, corporate image videos, training sessions, sales presentations and other events. On the personal side we can capture special events such as weddings, anniversaries, graduations, recitals and award ceremonies.
The first step in your production is conception. This is where we will answer questions like these:
Who is the audience that will view this video?
What is the objective of this video?
What message is the video to convey?
What is my budget?
How many copies will I need?
The next step is shooting the event. With experience, training and the latest in digital cameras, lighting and audio equipment Home Video Studio will get just the right shots with the best quality.
Once your event is captured on video the fun really starts! Using the leading edge editing system we can take your event to the next level with special effects like wipes, dissolves, split screens and slow motion. We can also add voiceover and sound effects - whatever you can imagine we can do!

The last step in your masterpiece is putting it on the media you choose. Will it be on a DVD? The look and navigation features of a DVD is nearly as important as the program itself. Graphics, menus, special bonus features - it's all available to you. Will your production go on the internet? Videos are an integral part of any website these days - not to mention Facebook and YouTube. You will probably want versions for every media available.

Once your project is complete you will have a professional video with a message that will be able to be seen in multiple places! Whether it's business or pleasure, we offer video production services for everyone, with every need to be seen anywhere you choose! Call Home Video Studio today at 866-993-8348!

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