Thursday, August 19, 2010

Video marketing for Realtors

Video marketing for Realtors has quickly become the rule rather than the exception. The virtual tour, so popular in the real estate market of the last decade, is now considered passé. The ever-increasing number of consumers with access to streaming video 24/7 has made video in high demand. If you’re not already convinced it’s time to make the move to video for all your real estate listing needs, you will be after reading this list!

The Top 7 Reasons Realtors Need Video Marketing

1. Your viewers need to feel a connection with the property.
You provoke a more emotional response from viewers by setting the tone with music and narration – effectively telling a story with each property that your viewers can connect with. You can highlight the surrounding neighborhood, nearby schools, parks and even attractions in the city it’s located in.

2. The use of online video is growing at an incredible 40% per year.
One study has shown that visitors stay at websites that contain video 78% longer than those without video! Certainly, grabbing and keeping viewers attention is paramount to gaining new clients and converting leads to sales.

3. Video is interactive.
Home buyers can search for videos with specific keywords, fast-forward through them, pause them, and rewind them. They can share them with friends and family via email, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, even put your videos on their own sites, creating internet awareness for you.

4. Video marketing of your properties will set you apart from your competitors.
Utilizing cutting-edge technology and internet marketing savvy will show your clients and prospective clients that you’re current and staying on top of trends.

5. Your clients will love it!
Not only will they realize you’re putting forth maximum effort to showcase their property, they’ll tell their friends, spreading the word about you!

6. High-end Properties Deserve the Best Marketing!
Buyers and sellers of high-end properties especially, will expect and deserve nothing less than the most up-to-date marketing tools available. They know the importance of making the best first impression possible and will accept nothing less than the best from their real estate agent.

7. Video is more affordable than ever.
Do-it-yourselfers can purchase a decent digital video camera for around $200. Editing software runs the gamut from free to several hundred dollars. Filming and editing does take time and skill, however. For more professional, polished video, call us today at 559-732-3050. We’d love to talk to you about your needs!

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