Saturday, March 28, 2009

Potential Customers

As I sat last night watching my 9 year old compete in a track and field event, I was reminded of how fun these things can actually be.  Seeing a fourth grader blast the competition in the 1800 meters and thinking we sure are going to read about her in the sports pages of the future.  Seeing the "Agony of Defeat" face on some of these young competitors.  But as I looked up into the stands, I saw so many parents and grandparents there for support, I wondered if this was an opportunity to market Home Video Studio?  If I had a stack of flyers and just handed them out to as many parents as possible, would this be considered wrong?  These parents had obviously someone to watch compete, so did I.  If I temporarily disturbed them for just a moment to let them know the possibilities of preserving memories of their young competitor, could it be all that bad?  Time will tell.  Maybe the next track meet.

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