Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Families May Be Losing Their Home Movies and Tapes

Holidays fill us with memories of the past, but how long has it been since you’ve taken that proverbial “stroll down memory lane” by watching your old home movies and tapes? Well, if you hurry, you can give a holiday gift to yourself and to your entire family that will last more than a lifetime – much more! Home Video Studio – Visalia, CA., an affiliate of the largest national network of home video studios, can help you preserve your precious home movies and videotapes that are probably gathering dust in your attic or garage. More important, your old 8 mm movie films and VHS videos are deteriorating every day! Even if you still have the old equipment to watch them, they may already be unplayable.

Arthur Zepeda, national winning Video Producer/Editor and Owner of Home Video Studio - Visalia, CA., advises everyone to “search through your home immediately! Find all of those old 8 mm home movie films and old VHS tapes and get them transferred to DVD as soon as possible.”

Mr. Zepeda knows what’s he’s talking about. He has been rescuing movies and tapes for Visalia, CA. residents in his home-based video studio for years. “Some of the films and tapes we see are already in very poor condition. And it would be a shame to lose those family histories when it’s so easy to move them all onto DVD.”

Mr. Zepeda’s system not only transfers the movies and videos to DVD, but also it allows you to add titles and even music thereby creating a memorable experience for generations to come.

“The DVDs,” Mr. Zepeda adds, “really are the gifts that keep on giving, generation after generation. Imagine your grandchildren or their grandchildren being able to watch and hear their grandparents or great-great grandparents long after they are gone! Or, just think about being able to relive your own childhood simply by popping in a disk that will preserve those memories into the next century!”

Whether for the holidays or any special occasion, Home Video Studio’s service solves the frequent problem of what gift to give to the “hard to buy for” relative. He explains, “We can transfer any kind of film or video to DVD, but we can also do other creative keepsakes, for example, putting slides and photos on DVD, editing your vacation videos, making sports highlight programs for your son or daughter, and even repairing broken video tapes.” Mr. Zepeda also mentions that they can also transfer audiotapes and cassettes to CD.

Mr. Zepeda hopes that folks will contact him soon, especially if they want to create a Christmas gift for this season. “It takes some time to transfer the movies and tapes to DVD,” he adds. “We don’t want anyone to be disappointed. But whether it’s for the Holidays or after the Holidays, you really do need to preserve and, in some cases, improve those precious memories!”

For more information on transferring and preserving your home movie film, contact Arthur Zepeda at his Home Video Studio – 559-732-3050 or email:

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