Monday, March 16, 2015

HVS Top 5 Movie Dads Worthy of a Video Tribute

HVS Top 5 Movie Dads Worthy of a Video Tribute.
There are plenty of movies about dads and the wacky things they do. But with Father's Day and Memorial Day coming soon we focus on virtue and things dads do worthy of tribute and honor.

George Banks is the doting dad who can't quite seem to face that his daughter has found the man she wants to spend her life with - and it isn't him! A heartwarming story of a dad who wants the best for his daughter.

Atticus Finch is a dad among dads. He is widower who bears his grief honorably. He is a provider and teacher of his children. And he is a champion attorney who pours his life out to the outcasts and victims of prejudice in his community.

Sam Baldwin is a devoted father who is left to raise his son after his wife passes away. They have such a good relationship he even agrees to follow his son's lead that maybe destiny awaits them both - even if it causes him to take some risks.

Baron von Trapp is something! Single patriarch, military man, excellent dancer and singer, musical director and Nazi resister. And to think that this is based on a true story.

A lot of men may not think they are worthy of tribute because they haven't done anything earth shattering. But George Bailey is given a great gift. He sees the world if he were never born.

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