Friday, November 10, 2017

Your first call for unique and heartfelt Holiday gifts

The Holiday Season is upon us! Christmas means that once again hearts will turn toward home and families will gather to share their lives and bask in the warmth of this wonderful time. Did you know video was made for this season?
  • Do you have 8mm or 16mm home movies? They are priceless! Transfer them to a Platinum Archival DVD. This scratch-proof DVD is exclusively ours, and is rated to last many, many years. You and your loved ones will enjoy them for the decades to come!
  • What about all the tapes you have of your kids’ first days, first steps, and first dates? There’s a lot of your life contained on those VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, and Mini DV’s. Make sure you keep those memories safe by transferring them to Platinum Archival DVD as well. We'll transfer them all onto a convenient and long-lasting Platinum Archival disc - complete with scene selection and menu.
  • Do something with those still photos and 35mm slides! Are they sitting around in boxes? A Photo Video Keepsake will take your favorite photos and slides and produce a one-of-a-kind work of art complete with titles, special effects and music. And think of the space you’ll save putting all your stills on a DVD or thumb drive! Plus you and your loved ones will enjoy these precious images even more when they are digitized and convenient.
  • What are you doing with your smartphone videos? Instead of sending traditional paper greeting cards, how about putting some of the year’s video clips on a DVD video Christmas card? What about the videos you shoot during your family get-togethers? We can edit your video clips from before, during, and after Christmas into a creative family video. Don’t leave your videos from this special time on your phone! Let’s get creative!
Here are three reasons why Home Video Studio should be your first call this Holiday Season. 

1. Your home movies, tapes, photos, slides, and recent videos all make great gifts.
  • What’s more unique and heartfelt than lasting memories of those you love?
  • Attractive packaging. Custom labeling and beautiful, artistic album cases available.
  • What if you (gasp) forget someone? Extra copies of anything are a quick phone call away!
  • We also have attractive gift certificates!
2. Your home movies, tapes, photos, slides, and recent videos all make great entertainment.
  • Once your video gifts are opened the whole family can enjoy them immediately.
  • Video is something young and old will enjoy together.
3. We can help you make new memories
  • With the family in one place it’s time to shoot more video and stills.
  • Let us help you get creative and plan for the upcoming year.
Call us! Thanksgiving is days away and Christmas is right on its heels. Let's put our heads together to make this the best Holiday season ever! If you start thinking now there's no telling what your creative mind will dream up to make a most memorable Holiday gift.

Don’t delay. Christmas is only weeks away! 



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