Tuesday, June 17, 2014

HVS Top 5 Vacation Video Tips

HVS Top 5 Vacation Video Tips

It’s the trip of a lifetime! You want to document everything! Make sure you’re prepared. Here are a few tips we’ve learned along the way. Bon voyage!

Take the time to back up your computer. 
If you’re taking your computer on vacation for editing and/or storage of your video clips and photos be sure to back it up before you go. Plan this well in advance of your departure day. Don’t try it the night before or you’ll be tempted to say, “This is taking too long. I think it’ll be OK.”

Pack plenty of media. 
Media, such as video cards, may not be available where you are going. Or they may be very expensive.

Look for stories. 
Is this your family’s first trip to California? Have you saved for years for this vacation? We all love stories so use video to tell it.

Your video is about people. 
The landscape will most likely stay the same. Spend most of your time highlighting people. Your family. The natives. New friends. Get close-ups. Do interviews. These people will be here at this age only this time, so capture it well.

Have fun! 
If you are having fun while shooting your video it will most likely be fun to watch.

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