Thursday, April 24, 2014

PhotoVideo Keepsakes: Honor Your Mom, Grad, Spouse or Dad

"Spring is the time of plans and projects." - Leo Tolstoy
PhotoVideo Keepsakes are one of the most valuable services we provide. How do we know? Only because we measure it in our customers' tears of joy and in their glowing testimonials. So, along with Mr. Tolstoy, we want to let you know that April is the time to get started on your PhotoVideo Keepsakes. There are so many red-letter days just around the corner where a Keepsake would serve as the perfect centerpiece for the occasion - Mother's Day, Graduation, Anniversaries, and Father's Day to name a few.

What is a PhotoVideo Keepsake?

A PhotoVideo Keepsake is a video we produce together to honor someone, usually for a special occasion. We use your photos and/or slides of the honoree along with your choice of music that is special to the subject. Keepsakes can run from fifty photos or even fewer to as many as three hundred or more. You can also add video clips if you wish. We usually add beginning and ending titles to the production, as well as some simple transitions between the photos. Then we put it all on a DVD or a video file for easy viewing.

Why PhotoVideo Keepsakes? Because they are:
  • Personal - Keepsakes are the perfect way to put anyone in the spotlight. What is more personal than great, meaningful photos complemented by inspiring music? Each Keepsake is a unique story - a custom testimony to the subject.
  • Powerful - What better way to portray a message of "I love you" or "I'm proud of you" or "I'd do it all over again" or "I'm glad you exist in the world" than with the power of image and sound?
  • Portable - PhotoVideo Keepsakes are viewable anywhere you can watch a DVD or video. Homes, offices, auditoriums, fellowship halls. Another reason why they are the perfect way to honor anyone, anytime and anywhere.
  • Practical - Keepsakes make great gifts, not just for the subject, but for all your loved ones. Easily duplicated. Easily labeled.
What's coming up that is PhotoVideo Keepsake worthy?
  • Mother's day - Throughout our lives mom has a way of making us feel special. Now you can do the same in a unique and powerful way with a PhotoVideo Keepsake. Did you know she was once a little girl? Maybe she waited nervously for her first prom date. What was her favorite song in high school? Where did she meet dad? Images and mementos exist. Let's combine them with music, titles and whatever else you can imagine into a masterpiece that will last a lifetime.
  • Graduation - A "Birth to Graduation" PhotoVideo Keepsake is very popular this time of year. Imagine combining photos, videos, certificates, first grade projects, college acceptance letters, favorite music through the name it...on an archival DVD that will last years and years! What better way to say "I am so proud of you"? And remember, long after the ceremony your gift will be enjoyed over and over again.
  • Anniversaries - Anniversaries are yet another great occasion for a PhotoVideo Keepsake. How moving would a tribute to your beloved be as your years together are captured through images, video and music?
  • Birthdays - Don't forget upcoming birthdays in the next few months!
  • Father's day - Dad will be just as moved and just as thrilled as Mom will be with a unique PhotoVideo Keepsake.
"This sounds great! What do I do next?"
  1. Call us and let's make an appointment - Why not today?
  2. Start selecting your photos - We always say this step is way too much fun, so don't spend too much time on each photo. Zero in on the photos that tell your story.
  3. Sort your photos - you may want to present them chronologically, by decide.
  4. Number your photos - Don't use a pen! Post-it's work well.
  5. Call for an appointment and let's get started! 559-732-3050

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