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HVS Top 5 (plus 1) Movies whose Special Effects Changed Cinema

HVS Top 5 (plus 1) Movies whose Special Effects Changed Cinema

Since we're talking about editing, special effects and post production (stuff that's done to film on computers after shooting) here is a list of movies that changed our world as we sat in the theater:

Star Wars - The granddaddy of modern special effects. Special cameras and computers made miniature replicas, actors and backgrounds blend together into composites so believable we thought we were there . Star Wars gave birth to every space blockbuster we've seen since.

Superman - Seeing superheroes fly these days is run-of-the-mill. But before Superman you would only see them dive out of a window and then land somewhere. The special camera lenses and placement involved in making Superman took us with him high above the skyscrapers of Metropolis.

Jurassic Park - Never before had we been so close to living, breathing, textured beasts such as this. We could almost smell their breath (and it wasn't that pleasant). The dinosaurs were truly the star and movie creatures were never the same.

Toy Story - Toy Story proved that a feature-length computer generated film could be popular. In fact it won a place in the top 100 highest grossing films of all time and served as a template for all animated movies to follow.

The Matrix - "Bullet time" is so popular and effective it has almost become a cliché for martial arts movies. This effect combines slow motion with 360 degree camera shots that makes everyone feel like a ninja.

Avatar - Avatar has pretty much sealed the sum of special effects to this point. It made people capable of just about anything.

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