Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why Video? We Have Sentimental Reasons.

It's time to take a sentimental journey. The Holidays have come and gone. The tree is now mulch. The furniture is back in place. Though you've yet to do a final inspection you're pretty sure all the relatives have gone home. 2014 is already in second gear and you probably feel like resting on your laurels until the first robin appears. Not so fast! There may still be birthdays and anniversaries. And don't forget that in the not-too-distant future looms a large event - Valentine's Day!
This time of year can be challenging, even for expert givers like yourself. You might be tempted to think you used all your best stuff for the holidays, holding nothing in reserve. Don't fret! Like a good relief pitcher we're warmed up and ready to bring the heat in mid-January with some great ideas.

Cozy January weather and February's Valentine's Day conjures up thoughts of intimate gifts for the rest of winter - and nothing fills the bill like video. Gadgets and electronics may be good for Christmas but now it's time for something sentimental. What should you look for? Here's a little acronym to help you look for qualities that make the perfect sentimental gift:

Reminders of your love

That spells "pure" of course - and video is a purely wonderful gift this time of year. Pure, as in your pure heart as you dream of your loved one's happiness and delight. Pure, as in the pure joy they will experience receiving your thoughtful gift. What are some gift ideas for the Sentimental Journey? Here are a few to "Put your mind at ease" and "renew old memories"!
  • What about a Photo Video Keepsake? Photos or video, or both, complete with music. Maybe you can add a personal message in it. Do you have old love letters or a poem? Why not read it in your video?
  • Is your wedding day on tape or film? Now is the time to transfer it to DVD complete with a beautiful label and case wrap!
  • Are you creative? We specialize in editing. Whatever you can dream up for your unique and personal video gift we can most likely accomplish!
Now really, when you think about it is there any other gift to give this time of year? Call us today for a video gift that will guarantee a Sentimental Journey!

The Story of Valentine's Day
Where did Valentine's Day come from? Maybe you think it was invented by card and chocolate companies! But, did you know that there really was a St. Valentine who risked his life for love and friendship? Here is how the legend goes:

A long time ago Rome was ruled by an emperor named Claudius. He wanted a huge army and expected all able-bodied men to volunteer. When he realized men loved their wives and families and weren't all that keen on leaving them to go die on the battlefield Claudius had an idea: He made marriage illegal.
A priest named Valentine enjoyed marrying couples and seeing them happily in love. He decided the law was ridiculous and continued to marry young lovers in secret - officiating the ceremony while the couples whispered their vows, all the time listening for the footsteps of soldiers.
One day Valentine was caught, sentenced to death, and thrown in jail. The prison guard's daughter made friends with the imprisoned priest and kept his spirits up by visiting him every day. On his last day Valentine gave his little friend a note thanking her for her loyalty and friendship. He signed it, "Love from your Valentine."
On February 14, 269 A.D. Valentine died, but every year people remember his commitment to love and friendship by exchanging "valentines" with their loved ones.

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