Tuesday, October 22, 2013

HVS Top Five Patriotic "Feelgood" Movies

HVS Top Five Patriotic "Feelgood" Movies

The Great American Home Movie is "America in Red, White and You". This month we celebrate movies that depict our American ideals and attitude.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - An idealistic young man, appointed as a U. S. Senator, stands against graft and the corrupt "good ole' boys network" of cynical politicians in Washington.

Saving Private Ryan - A group of soldiers who have barely made it in the Normandy Invasion are given the task of locating and delivering back a paratrooper who is the only survivor of four brothers. Duty, honor and courage keep them on their mission as they encounter many obstacles.

The Patriot - As a peaceful man Benjamin Martin didn't live to fight - but even peace lovers will fight to live. Especially if life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are at stake.

Rocky - America is a nation made of second chances. Rocky Balboa, a broken fighter down for life's count, gets another shot to do it right.

Apollo 13 - A true story. Three astronauts, with the support of Mission Control, must devise a strategy to return to Earth safely after their spacecraft undergoes massive internal damage.

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