Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Remember your Great Sports Moments on DVD

If there's ever a place where the cameras are rolling it's at local sports events. And why not? The field of athletic competition produces some of the best memories of our lives, and the lives of our children. And with a Sports Highlights Video you can make those moments impactful, dramatic and memorable!

It's appropriate that we are focusing on Sports Highlights Video this month at Home Video Studio, for it was in September last year that we lost the man who invented the way we look at sports highlights today - Steve Sabol. Like Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and a few other gifted and hard working visionaries, Sabol redefined not just an industry, but stamped an indelible mark on American culture. As an artist he was a storyteller and used the human drama of athletic competition to weave a tale. With the filmmaker's tools of super slow motion, microphone techniques, reverse angles, multi camera angles and powerful music he captured our imagination and turned an ordinary athletic event into a Shakespearian drama. Television programs like ESPN's SportsCenter and similar sports highlight favorites that have become part of our day simply would not exist without the vision of Steve Sabol.

You have the human drama of athletic competition in your hands as well. What are you doing with it? Where are your son's Little League games? Or your daughter's soccer matches? Or your bowling league? Or your well-played charity golf tournament? Don't let them sit in cameras or in drawers!

It's time to make a play and turn these into interesting stories! Let us help you bring all your great sports moments to life! It's all up to your imagination. We can create highlight arrows, isolation techniques, quick cuts, slow motion, stop action, high energy music, narration...the possibilities are limitless. But in the end you'll think you were watching SportCenter.

 Finally we can provide professional packaging with an attractive label and DVD cover, as well as a DVD menu with thumbnail chapters. Think of it! Your high school and college games or your kids' games. Bowling. Softball. Fishing. Golf. All edited to your liking into a neat presentation that you will enjoy and show again and again.

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