Thursday, June 20, 2013

Celebrating Stories. Who, What, and Where are yours?

This is your LifeTIME ™ Videos

Have you ever noticed the popularity of well-done biographical movies? Lincoln, The King's Speech This is Your Life was a successful television program in the 50's where surprised celebrities would be treated to a heart-touching review of people and events that shaped their lives.
and 42 are recent box office smashes that portray the lives of people who helped define our history. The Biography Channel is devoted entirely to "True stories about notable people." Most famously,
At Home Video Studio we're celebrating stories this month with This is your LifeTIME™ videos. What are your stories? Anniversaries or weddings? Birthdays? Father’s Day? Where are your stories? Maybe in old photos or home movies. Or video tapes and slides. Or even on your phones. Who are your stories? Mom and Dad? Grandpa and Grandma? Your spouse and children? We believe that the phrase "notable people" does not extend to just the obscenely wealthy, the extremely powerful or the exceedingly famous (or infamous). In fact, if you look around you will see that "notable" people are closer than you think.
  • One or both of your parents
  • A relative who has faced and overcome a remarkable challenge
  • A beloved employer or colleague
  • A devoted teacher or civic leader
  • You may even want to do one of yourself to leave to your posterity
  • In other words, the life and times of any special person!
A LifeTIME™ video is the ultimate tribute to a person whose story that needs to be told. Who will tell it if not you? Maybe no one can do it with the same love, admiration and respect. You write the script - assembling memories and putting them all together. You direct the story - adding the visual elements and dramatic flair. You're the producer - putting it all together for a one-of-a-kind biography.
Picture it now!
  • a lifetime of videos, photos, home movies, awards, diplomas and/or newspaper stories organized to tell your subject's unique story.
  • a professional production with music, voice-over, narration, titles and special effects.
  • loved ones recounting stories and reflecting in personal on-camera interviews.
  • your video packaged with photos and an attractive design on the DVD label and the case wrap.
  • copies for loved ones to cherish the rest of their lives
Finally, picture the gratitude at a once in a lifetime gathering of family, loved ones, colleagues and the guest of honor at the Premier showing.
Remember, anything your creative mind can conceive - together we can most likely achieve! Call us today and let's get started on this most unique of gifts to honor a notable person in your life!

Arthur Zepeda, Owner/Video Artist
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