Sunday, March 3, 2013

Appearances and Reality

Hello Everybody!
I was thinking (collective groans I'm sure)...We live in a world of what "seems to be" and "what is" - of appearances and reality.  This dual nature of our cosmos is what prompted a few Greek guys many years ago to invent something called philosophy.  Guys like Plato and Aristotle wanted to "get to the bottom" of what it was REALLY all about, and philosophers have been on that errand ever since.  Whether they have succeeded is up for debate.  
Most of our favorite stories utilize this paradox, from The Matrix to Romeo and Juliet to What Women Want. Think about it: How many of your favorites have conflicts that arise because of what "appears to be" vs. what "is."   
What does this have to do with you in your daily life in your studio?  PLENTY!  
How many times does a customer say "no" when you attempt your first close?  Most of the time?  Do you believe that customer?  We are conditioned to show an appearance.  Is that "no" "what is" or just "what seems to be"?  Is it game over with the first no? Maybe what seems to be a  "no" is really a yes waiting to be manifested.
Get Cosmic!  Don't take that first "no" as real - it's probably just an appearance. 

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