Thursday, January 17, 2013

Have a Very Video Valentine's

Valentine's Day! The day to delight a special someone's heart with your thoughtfulness. And the creativity and imagination of video is the perfect way to do it! We can help you express your deepest feelings - and we're only a phone call away so call us today!

Ladies, are you looking for a unique Valentine's gift this year packed with love and sentiment? Look no further than Home Video Studio! What could be more romantic than a personal DVD commemorating your life together with your loved one?
Gentlemen, does Valentines Day seem to catch you by surprise? Does buying chocolates or flowers leave you feeling creatively challenged? Like you could have done better? That's why we're here! At Home Video Studio we'll make you a Valentine's Day Hero by helping you create a gift from the heart!
Kids (of all ages) Valentines Day isn't just for romance - it's to remind anyone of your love and appreciation. Wouldn't your parents or other special people be moved by a video tribute to their undying love?
How can you say "I love you" with video? Let us count the ways!
  • Of course the piece de resistance (shouldn't we use a little French? It's Valentine's season) is a Photo Video Keepsake. Imagine photos, video or both documenting your life together Through the Years. Add some special music. Maybe a message with titles. Do you have old love letters or a poem from courting days? Why not read it as a narration? You can't lose with such a heartfelt gift so let's get busy today! Give us a call to help you get started.
  • Do you have a copy of your wedding on tape or film? Make this the most memorable Valentine's Day ever! Let's put that video onto a DVD complete with chapters, a beautiful label and a case wrap!
  • Does your wedding need a little refreshment? We specialize in editing. Let's add a little pizzazz to your wedding. Music, titles, re-arranging things? We can do whatever you want!
  • Do you and your mate have a special place? Maybe where you first met? How great would it be to revisit there on a DVD complete with music, titles and some nice effects.
  • Gather your old videos, your Super8, 8mm and 16mm film, your photographs, your digital pictures and your SD cards and have them digitally transferred to Platinum Archival DVDs. Now you will have your beloved memories safe (100 year archival) and convenient, stored in one place and ready to view at any time!
  • What else do you have in mind? Remember, if your romantic mind can conceive it we can most likely achieve it!
Our lives are measured by the special times we share with the ones we love. Valentine's Day will be here very quickly. Call us today to begin planning for the most unique and heartfelt Valentine's Day gift ever!

Home Video Studio's Viral Video of the Month
Since we're focusing on the "story of and the glory of" love for Valentine's day here's a truly romantic proposal. And what a way to use video!

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Photo Video Keepsakes ™

Need a unique idea for Valentine's day? Why not create a Photo Video Keepsake of your life together?
Home Video Studio can take your photo and video memories and develop a touching tribute. Our professionals will use "Hollywood movie style" special effects and add music and titles to produce one-of-a-kind video! Photo Video Keepsakes" are great gifts to give relatives and friends too.
They are fantastic not only for Valentine's Day but anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, reunions and other special get-togethers. Let Home Video Studio help you make these extraordinary Photo Video Keepsakes" !

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