Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday DVD Memories Make the Best Gifts!

The Yuletide season means many things to many people. Different traditions. A variety of food. Diverse observances. But one thing that the Holidays mean to everyone is family! And what better way to enjoy this family time than with your precious family memories captured and preserved on DVD? DVDs are the perfect way to enjoy your holiday get-togethers - and they'll warm your hearts for years to come!
Holiday time is certainly our favorite, and most busy time here at Home Video Studio. Four of our most popular services during this time of year are:
8mm/16mm home Movie Transfer. Time and the elements take a toll on your priceless old movies. They need to be transferred digitally to Gold Archival DVD so you and your loved ones can enjoy them for generations to come! Complete with menus, chapter markers, and titles.
Photo Video Keepsakes. Let us take your favorite photos and slides and produce a one- of- a- kind work of art complete with titles and your favorite music.
Video tape to DVD. We'll transfer all your VHS, 8mm and Mini DV tapes onto a convenient and long-lasting Gold Archival disc - complete with scene selection and menu.
Editing of existing footage. Gather all of your existing formats and put them together into a convenient and enjoyable program!
With the Holiday season around the corner may we suggest you get started planning now! Here's how:
  • Call us! Let's put our heads together on the best video possible. We specialize in these services and maybe we'll give you some ideas you've never thought of. If you start thinking now there's no telling what your creative mind will dream up to make a most memorable Holiday gift.  We want you to come loaded with photos, tapes and movies and, most of all, brimming with ideas!
  • Don't delay! Unique creative gifts take time. Give yourself the time to really do it right. You and your family are worth it! Besides, someone else may think of this and you don't want to get "scooped".
  • You'll be glad you did! Getting your family's precious memories preserved will be fun, heartwarming, and a lot easier than shopping at the mall. And what about those last minute purchases? They're only a DVD copy away!
The Holidays are coming fast! Call us today at 866-993-8348 and see what specials we may have for you!

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