Tuesday, June 29, 2010

'Tis the Season for Cool DVD Savings!

June is here! With schools out, pools open, and summer in full swing, it's time to start thinking about Christmas - Christmas in July that is. Announcing Home Video Studio's 'Christmas in July' early bird special! Call us today to see what specials we're offering for the summer yuletide.
Because they make great gifts, three of our most popular services at the Holiday time are:
8mm/16mm Home Movie Transfer. Time and the elements take a toll on your priceless old movies. They need to be transferred digitally to Gold Archival DVD so that you and your loved ones can enjoy them for generations to come! Home Movie DVDs can include music, menus, chapter markers, and titles.
Photo Video Keepsakes. Let us take your favorite photos and slides and produce a one- of- a- kind work of art complete with titles and your favorite music.
Video tape to DVD. We'll transfer all of your VHS, 8mm and Mini DV tapes onto a convenient and long-lasting Gold Archival disc - complete with scene selection and menu.
Now, if the traditional Holidays are more of your thing, may we suggest you get started planning now!
"Why in the world should I start thinking about Christmas now?" you might ask. Well, we've compiled a Top Ten List with the advantages of calling us today to begin planning your exclusive Holiday Gifts!
The best gifts involve thought. Leave the necktie with the tag still on it to someone else. We want you to come to us loaded with photos, tapes and movies and, most of all, brimming with ideas! If you start thinking now there's no telling what your creative mind will dream up to make a most memorable Holiday gift.
Some of your material might be scattered across the country. Where's that one photo you always loved? Maybe across the continent. Where are those old movies? In Brother Billy's basement? Or was it Aunt Ada's attic? Now is the time to start locating the precious memories that you need to make your project the very best!
Last minute = Stress. Especially with unique creative gifts. Call us now and give yourself the time to really do it right. You and your family are worth it!
Price break. Call us today to see what kind of early bird specials we can offer you!
Last minute gift? No problem! The sooner your project is complete the sooner a last minute "oops, I forgot about..." is only a DVD copy away!
You'll have fun! You'll have a ball, all summer and fall, creating your masterpiece and avoiding the mall.
Someone else might think of it. Don't get "scooped." Video gifts are great ideas that need to be acted upon now!
Because setting your mind on the Holidays in the summer months will keep you cool.
Margin to be creative. We see it all the time. One great creative turn leads to another. You need time to revise and realize even better ideas.
Did we mention the price break? Be an early bird and take advantage of our specials!
Call us today! 559-732-3050

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