Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Taking A Frame of Video and Turning It Into a Photo at HVS Visalia, California 93277

Many times after transferring film or video to a DVD, I will be asked by the customer if it would be possible to create a photo from the video they have had transferred.  I tell them absolutely yes!  There are some circumstances where the video may be blurry or too grainy for this but after the digital transfer has occurred, I can usually create and print out pictures for my customers.

Now why would someone want this done for them you may ask?

I have found that the need and wanting of this happens because of someone special in their lives has passed on and there were no significant photos to remember them by.

The look and the emotion of my customers faces when they not only see video of their deceased loved ones after so many years, but to now have a few photos that are suitable for framing and hang on a their walls, well, is absolutely priceless!

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