Monday, February 20, 2017

HVSN Top 5 Films for a Short Month

February is the shortest month of the year – usually three days shorter than its big brothers. So, to get your month’s movie enjoyment in less time, here are five good movies less than ninety minutes long.

Stand by Me - A great coming-of-age story complete with gunplay and a corpse. A writer recounts his journey to find the body of a missing boy, and his journey to understanding his life in a whole new way.

Toy Story - Intrigue and action as a cowboy doll is replaced by a spaceman as the top toy in the neighborhood.

Producers - Anybody can produce a Broadway hit. Apparently it’s much more difficult to produce a sure-fire flop.

Office Space - Three employees. A greedy, out of touch boss. A plan to rebel. Will it work?

Airplane! – A movie about flying is appropriate as the sight gags fly by at jet speed. Classic scenes and dialogue that is still used today.

Photo Video Keepsake: A Unique Treasure for those you Love

Spring is approaching quickly, and video would be perfect for those red-letter days, including
Mother's Day, graduations, and anniversaries. That’s why one of our most popular items this time of year is a Photo Video Keepsake. Call us today to find out more!

Are you looking to give a special gift from the heart? Don’t overlook this chance to really honor Mom, grad, or your beloved partner with a montage of photos, slides, and/or video enhanced with your honoree’s favorite music.

Why is a PhotoVideo Keepsake the perfect gift? It is:

Personal - What is more unique than beautiful photos complemented by inspiring music? Each Keepsake is a story - a customized testimony.

Powerful - What better way to say "I love you" or "I'm proud of you" or "I'd do it all over again?"

Portable - PhotoVideo Keepsakes can be shown almost anywhere – in homes, offices, auditoriums, or fellowship halls. Another reason why they are the perfect way to honor anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Practical - Keepsakes make great gifts, not just for the subject, but for all your loved ones – and they’re easily shared.

Now is the time to get started on your masterpiece. Let’s look at the calendar and note some approaching “Keepsake-worthy” events:

  • Mother’s Day – Mom has always made us feel special. Now you can do the same with a powerful PhotoVideo Keepsake.
  • Graduation – Imagine a "Birth to Graduation" presentation combining photos, videos, certificates, first grade projects, college acceptance letters, favorite music through the years.... you name it! Long after the ceremony your gift will be enjoyed for years to come.
  • Anniversaries - Create a tribute to your beloved with your time together captured through images, video and music.
  • Birthdays - Don't forget upcoming birthdays in the next few months!
  • Father’s Day - Dad will be just as moved and thrilled as Mom with a unique PhotoVideo Keepsake.

Remember, creativity takes time! Make your Photo Video Keepsake the best it can be. Call us today!

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